When is the Right Time to get Married?

Last week, my college friends get married with her long time girlfriend for about 10 years. Yes, 10 years in the making. They are stable enough physically, financially, spiritually and with the right age to get married. Actually, there are no rules or law to get married for a young age but it is important that you are matured enough to face it. Sometimes people who get married for a young age didn’t realize the depth and beauty of parenthood until they experienced it.

"So, when is the right time to get married?"

For me, getting married is not only a physical operation, but also and above all, a spiritual one. We are looking forward to being with our loved-one completely and to sharing every little detail of our life. But we need to be more mature enough, of being capable of handling various kinds of situations well, doing one's responsibility as a partner and above all, fear of God. In the same way, it’s already a clear and expected situation that there will be problems, trials, annoyances and difficulties ahead that needs to be solved. The vocation of marriage is a full-time job. There will be no excuse for everything. So, if you think you’re not capable of doing these, stop thinking of getting married for the sake of everybody.

To enter marriage with the right attitude is also important. It shouldn’t be a case of marriage versus career or a marriage and a career but it is the case of marriage as a career. And at the same time, it is the fullest, most satisfying and most rewarding career of ally.

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