Be Cool

Isn't it that hard to just be cool all the time?

I would say, it is the hardest part to pretend to be cool even if the situation is not. Trying too hard to be fine and struggling to manage our emotions to just calm down is just a test how we can handle our temper. Only few of us can have this coolness attitude in their blood. They can make people laugh and comfortable because they have the guts to control and manage their emotions for the sake of others and for themselves as well. But most of us lose our coolness especially when there's a lot of disturbances or people making noise near us, call us over and over and even interrupt us ten or twenty times while we're engaged about something important. It seems as if everybody makes a point to distract us. What can be more annoying than this? Well, for the love of God, remain calm and don’t forget to smile. It is hard but I know we could keep our coolness if we are keen to do it.

Likewise, take courage and keep up a fair appearance. This in itself is a great point. Force yourself to answer gently to those who interrupt you, to wait patiently at the end of a stupid conversation, put a smile on your face and have a kind word to everyone.

Nokia: My Inheritance

My college days were the blossom of high tech generation, where beepers are phase out and here comes the cellular phone. During that time, a cellular phone was actually a status symbol. You were cool if you get hold of your own cellular phone and you even get famous for having the latest model of cell phone in town. I don’t belong to a rich family, so as a student I cannot afford to buy even the old model of Nokia phones. But despite of being a student, I am lucky enough to get hold of a cellular phone. I had my very first cellular phone when I was second Year College. So how did I get it? As mentioned earlier, I cannot afford to buy even the cheapest phone. My first cellular phone Nokia 5110 was actually a hand me down phone from my sister who had just bought her new Nokia 3210. Of course I’ve got big smile over my face the moment I received it. I was so happy to become a Nokia cellular phone owner. Though it was second hand, who cares? At least I have my phone. Well I think that’s one advantage of having an older sibling who is generous.

Few months later, my sister changed her phone again, and for the second time, she pass to me her old Nokia 3210. I then pass my still reliable and very much in good shape Nokia 5110 to my niece. Again, big smiles and happiness filled me with the thought of “Though I can’t really afford to buy those phones, I was still updated with the latest cellular phones”. Perhaps, that’s one benefit of being the youngest among eight siblings. 

My Nokia 3210 phone was a witness of my ups and downs during college days. He was part of the sleepless nights working out to finish my plates and group projects. We have also shared those fun moments I had with my classmates and friends. And even had a glimpse of how happy I am when I had my very first girl friend and until I reached my final college years my Nokia 3210 was still there for me. He then remind me of my best buddy; always there thru thick and thin.

And then, graduation day came. Finally after five years I will be holding of my diploma. It was really a momentous event in my life. One of my dreams was fulfilled and so I was filled with joy. But I didn’t know that somewhere in the middle of that joyous event, I will have to say goodbye to someone who has been faithful to me; my Nokia 3210. I had to say bye bye because I’ve got new Nokia 3660. As usual, it came from my sister but this time it was brand new. That was her graduation gift to me. Wow! That was so generous. That was my very first colored cellular phone and just like my Nokia 3210, the brand new Nokia 3660 became a part of my life for more than three years.

After inheriting couple of Nokia phones, I was glad to finally buy a brand new Nokia 5310: Music Express out of my own money. My new companion was one of the fruits of working hard overseas. Though not the expensive ones, it was my favorite since I bought it with my own money and that was the most high tech phone I ever had. Just like my previous Nokia Phones, we had shared happy and sad memories along the way. This time, he witnessed my life overseas. He knew how I stumble being away with my loved ones. How I get confused with the culture and how I embraced it. He knew how I struggle in communicating to foreigners during my early days abroad. He knew how I work hard for my loved ones and he also learned how hard it is working in a foreign land. He was also able to witness the romantic side of my life. He know how nervous I was, when I proposed to my girl friend in front of our church congregation and instantly know how happy I was when she said yes. And in the most important event in my life, he heard and witnessed our exchange of vows; to live a life bounded with our love and together as one, woven with God.

Nokia 5310 was there thru thick and thin, thru sweetness and bitterness until he said goodbye to me. My Nokia 5310 was actually one of the typhoon Ondoy’s victims. I was in the Philippines when that huge flood happens and we were one of the thousand people who were affected by the flood. As we move to higher ground, I didn’t notice that he was actually in my pocket. It was already late when I discover that my faithful companion Nokia 5310 swam inside my pocket and drawn. I tried to revive him but it was too late. There, I had to bid farewell to my favorite companion, my favorite Nokia phone…

My Nokia N73
After he said goodbye, here comes the inheritance again. I inherited not my sister’s phone but this time, my brother’s Nokia N73. It was a little old, which reflects on the physical appearance of the phone, but it was still in good condition and up to now, it’s still serving its purpose very well. At the moment, my reliable Nokia N73 is connecting me to my loved ones in the Philippines. And through this inheritance, I get updated of what is happening with my family back home. I can get important messages thru SMS. Heard the lovely voice of my wife thru overseas calls and saw my son’s cute and big smiles over 3G calls. Nokia phone makes me feel I am close to my family even if I am actually miles away from them. My loneliness vanished because of Nokia Phone. I have to say that Nokia are true to their promise. You are truly connecting people in every part of the world.
This article is my entry to PEBA for Nokia Essay Writing Contest. You can also join here.

Overcoming Fear

Fear is a painful emotion excited by an expectation of evil or apprehension of impending danger, according to the beloved dictionary.

There are several kinds of fear. Fear of God and His laws, fear for the authority or worth and fear of something unusual.

Fear of God, fear for the authority or to our parents indicates our reverence and respect for their goodness towards us. Following rules and regulations and instructions considering the consequences and punishments to those who violates the said instructions is much easier to balance things up. It is more controlled by individuals will to do things correctly. While fear of something unusual like heights, animals etc that makes you uncomfortable when u sees them is much different from the other. This fear shows our emotions clearly that we're really afraid of certain things. We don’t even want to see them or touch them.

Overcoming fear is probably been a part of our life that many of us never know what it is to feel completely at ease. It is never easy doing it. But we have to in order to set ourselves free from that emotion. We just have to condition our nerves, take things easy and you've got to learn to relax. Forget the moment and forget everything. Clear your mind and I’m sure you can do it and feel comfortable and ease. It will be a huge success if u can do it. Try it and you’ll know.

Unconditional Love, Agape Love

Unconditional means complete and absolute. So, the question is Who do you think can give you a complete and absolute love?.

Clarifying the facts of unconditional love is pretty much interesting. "Agape" Love is the only love that has been written and known as the unconditional one and that is God's love to His children and that includes you. Parents love to their children is genuine, real and out-pouring. They loved them with much care and support, protecting them from any harm and willing to sacrifice everything for the good sake of their children. And they deserved to be honored and be appreciated. But only God can give us the love that is the unconditional one that we’ve been looking for. Despite all the sins that we made each day but still, God's love is always there. He never forsakes us. He cares for us, forgives us, protects us, providing us our needs, guides and gives us a good health every day. He even died for us to have an everlasting life. Who else can do these amazing things to us? Only God can do it because He loves us unconditionally.

God is everything and no one can ever compare with His love to each and every one of us because His love never fades and never fails.