Be Cool

Isn't it that hard to just be cool all the time?

I would say, it is the hardest part to pretend to be cool even if the situation is not. Trying too hard to be fine and struggling to manage our emotions to just calm down is just a test how we can handle our temper. Only few of us can have this coolness attitude in their blood. They can make people laugh and comfortable because they have the guts to control and manage their emotions for the sake of others and for themselves as well. But most of us lose our coolness especially when there's a lot of disturbances or people making noise near us, call us over and over and even interrupt us ten or twenty times while we're engaged about something important. It seems as if everybody makes a point to distract us. What can be more annoying than this? Well, for the love of God, remain calm and don’t forget to smile. It is hard but I know we could keep our coolness if we are keen to do it.

Likewise, take courage and keep up a fair appearance. This in itself is a great point. Force yourself to answer gently to those who interrupt you, to wait patiently at the end of a stupid conversation, put a smile on your face and have a kind word to everyone.


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  2. I so super agree. I lose my cool all the time. I am a full time online worker and a mother at the same time. Imagine the daily chaos I have to bear with everyday. I have wrinkles on top of my wrinkles...