Overcoming Fear

Fear is a painful emotion excited by an expectation of evil or apprehension of impending danger, according to the beloved dictionary.

There are several kinds of fear. Fear of God and His laws, fear for the authority or worth and fear of something unusual.

Fear of God, fear for the authority or to our parents indicates our reverence and respect for their goodness towards us. Following rules and regulations and instructions considering the consequences and punishments to those who violates the said instructions is much easier to balance things up. It is more controlled by individuals will to do things correctly. While fear of something unusual like heights, animals etc that makes you uncomfortable when u sees them is much different from the other. This fear shows our emotions clearly that we're really afraid of certain things. We don’t even want to see them or touch them.

Overcoming fear is probably been a part of our life that many of us never know what it is to feel completely at ease. It is never easy doing it. But we have to in order to set ourselves free from that emotion. We just have to condition our nerves, take things easy and you've got to learn to relax. Forget the moment and forget everything. Clear your mind and I’m sure you can do it and feel comfortable and ease. It will be a huge success if u can do it. Try it and you’ll know.


  1. Perfect love knows no fear. Iyon ang natutunan ko sa Sunday mass namin. I used to fear a lot, and then I realised that most of what I fear about (mostly what the future will bring to me and my family) just remain as fear.

    Pansinin mo: we fear mostly for our loved ones than for ourselves.

    It's okay to be afraid sometimes pero it shouldn't control us. Prayers help.

  2. Sang-ayon po ako kuya nebs... thanks for the comments...