Now since Miami Heat sweep the Milwauky Bucks and San Antonio Spurs sweeps the L.A. Lakers today. I guess this two teams will meet in the finals. Considering Russell Westbrook of OKC is out for the season and Rose still not yet come back from the injury though he is fit to play.


 Of course I still love to see another championship for the Miami Heat this season.

What Happened India?

We went to India for a work and training and a holiday 2 years ago. India is a very nice place. I love the country's fascinating and colorful history.

I'm very sad to hear the recent news of brutal rape cases there.

After our holiday in India, I told myself that if I will be given a chance, I want to visit India again to explore more beautiful places and temples. But now seems that it is no longer a safe place - for locals and tourists.

I'm praying for all the girls and women in India and all over the world. Every girl and woman has the right to live in a safe place, to be respected, valued, and protected.

My First Post Card

After 2 weeks of being a member of post crossing (post card exchange), I just received my first post card. But this was came from a swap and not a surprise sender, this is one of the option you can get in post crossing where if you allow a swap or exchange a post card  to another person who interested in.

By the way here's my first post card. Thanks to Mr. A.P. from Texas USA.
It's nice to know that he's also a Filipino who's living in Texas, USA. Thanks Bro!

 photo 2013-04-05202604.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05202655.jpg

Clockwise: Alamo in San Antonio (represents Texas freedom), Texas longhorn, Bluebonnets (State Flower, The Capitol in Austin.

More to go. I hope I can received more.