Excited more Than Before

I am going home for 3 weeks in my home town and I more excited now. Why? I left in the Philippines with my wife and first born son. That time wife is already 3 months pregnant. Last week, my wife gave birth in our second baby and now I can see my family with a new baby in a house. That is why I am more excited more than before. 

While waiting here in the airport I am thinking when I reach home what would be my reaction for my first baby and the new one. I love them so much as well as my wife to. I’m afraid I will be focusing to one of them. Now I am thinking that it’s getting hard for me to balance my time to all of them. I want to play with my first baby and the same time I want to carry also my new one. Hmmmm.. Let’s see! This will be resolve tomorrow. Happy trip to me! :)

Ways to Be a Good Parent

Being a parent is one of the most joyful and rewarding activities in life. You bring a beautiful child into the world and nurture them, watch them grow, and form a deep and loving bond spanning many years. However, parenting is also a challenging job. No one is a perfect parent and everyone is susceptible to making mistakes. Parenting is even more challenging when you have many stresses and burdens in other areas of your life. 

Every family has a unique set of problems. While there are no all encompassing rules to parenting, below are some guidelines to help you improve your parenting skills, address problem areas, and raise responsible and loving children.

Show your children unconditional love

This is probably the most important guideline. Say again and again "I love you", "I appreciate for who you are", and "You are important to me". A common mistake that parents mistake is having set ideas of what they want their children to be, and withholding their love when their child does not meet these expectations. Love every aspect of you child. Love them in despite of their faults. A loved child is an open and healthy child.

Enjoy your children

It can be very easy to fall in the habit of focusing on the problems of raising children or developing a negative attitude. Get out of this rut by doing fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Do such activities as going on outings, reading, and cooking, and playing with them. Any activity that helps develop and strengthen your relationship with your child is a positive step in laying the groundwork of love and trust. Your children will grow up fast, so "seize the day", and cherish every moment that you can spend with your child.  

Make your children feel safe

One of the biggest problems facing the world is fear and having a fear mindset, which leads to a host of other problems such as anxiety, depression, anger, and violence. This fear mindset is developed at an early age in life and further reinforced by images and information absorbed through media outlets, advertising, and society. An important role of parents is to make their children feel safe. Make them feel at ease. Let them know that you are there for them and can protect them. Help them understand the difference between issues that can be addressed and unrealistic fears.

Get parenting advice

There are many ways to get good parenting advice. Many community centers, hospitals, and schools offer parenting classes. Don't hesitate to talk about your parenting issues with a doctor, counselor, or minister. A family doctor or pediatric physician can give specific advice on such things as potty training, discipline, eating problems, or sleep issues. For more information on gaining career skills for advising parents, please find more infomation at Online Courses.

Be a non-intrusive observer and listener

The "observing" aspect of this guideline can sometimes feel counter-intuitive because it is usually instinctive to immediately correct every mistake that a child makes. However, it is important to strike a good balance with regards to this. An attentive eye is important, but often it is most effective to let a child learn from their own mistakes and grow at a healthy pace, without facing the constant pressure of endless instructions and admonishments. Let a child be what they need to be and don't force yourself too much on them. Just as you can hurt a plant if you water it too much, you can hinder a a child's development by being too overbearing. 

Being a good listener means being completely open, having clear communication, and having an understanding of your child's needs and interests. When you closely listen, you can better understand your child's passions, so that you can help properly nurture them and allow them to flourish. Be patient and attentive in face of the multitude of questions questions that they ask you, and be an outlet for their natural curiosity.

Set a good example

If you want you children to develop into a good person, then you must be a good person as well. Many of the behaviors that we carry into adulthood, both positive and negative, can be traced back to the behavioral traits of our parents. Parents have tremendous influence on the behavior of their children, not only for how they raise them, but also from the behavioral traits that the children model from their parents. Learn to unconditionally love yourself and develop a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Be a light of love that helps uplift your child.

Take a break

Everyone needs a break from parenting once in awhile. Don't let yourself reach the burnout stage. If there is another adult in the family, take turns in taking care of the children. Seek help from friends and family. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. A healthy parent translates to a healthy child.

Career Options

This list of guidelines is applicable to not only parents, but also to professionals whose job is related to raising or teaching children, such counselors, doctors, and educators. If you are looking for educational opportunities for such careers, please look at the degree programs at Online Universities