Excited more Than Before

I am going home for 3 weeks in my home town and I more excited now. Why? I left in the Philippines with my wife and first born son. That time wife is already 3 months pregnant. Last week, my wife gave birth in our second baby and now I can see my family with a new baby in a house. That is why I am more excited more than before. 

While waiting here in the airport I am thinking when I reach home what would be my reaction for my first baby and the new one. I love them so much as well as my wife to. I’m afraid I will be focusing to one of them. Now I am thinking that it’s getting hard for me to balance my time to all of them. I want to play with my first baby and the same time I want to carry also my new one. Hmmmm.. Let’s see! This will be resolve tomorrow. Happy trip to me! :)

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