Philippine Birth Certificate Online

How to get a Philippines birth certificate online?

To get a Philippine birth certificate online, go to e-Census website of Philippine National Statistics Office and simply follow the instructions. You can also call (02)737-1111 for your birth certificate to be delivered on your doorstep.

Visit the following sites:

e-Census -
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery -

You may also visit Batch Request Entry System (BREQS) outlet in municipal/city hall or in a SM business center nearest to you.

Of course, other civil registry documents like marriage certificates, death certificates, and certificates of no marriage (CENOMAR) are also available.

Valentine's Day Without a Date

When I met my wife 11 years ago, we always celebrate valentine's day together. This is the first time that we are not celebrating it together as I work here overseas without her. She is 6 month pregnant now and we decided to spent his pregnancy in our home country and later give birth there.

I really miss her and without her my valentine's day is just an ordinary day for me. After work, I just spent my time talking to her and telling her that how much I love her and miss her specially this day. She even cry and I know she feels the same way too. This is a normal situation happened in an OFW/expat who worked away from their love ones.

But we know God has a perfect plan for us why He allow this things happen to us. We still praise the Lord and this heart day is nothing without His LOVE.

Happy Valentine's Mommy! I love you!!

Federal Territory Day in KL

Yehey, Today is the Federal Territory day here in KL. As usual it's Holiday! It's time for me to clean and arrange some stuff in our room. It's more than a months since I clean up my things and do some cleaning in our apartment.

Since holiday here today I can also spent more time to talk to my wife and my little one via Skype. Thank you for this modern technology that I have this chance to see my family even it is miles away. My baby also learn how to communicate to his dad. He even give me some of his food and put it in my mouth in the screen of the laptop. Maybe he is thinking that I can get it while he is keeping putting his hand on the screen.

My wife capture this moment and this is very touching scene I ever had with my baby. It's like bonding via world wide web.

Thank you Lord for this technology!