Valentine's Day Without a Date

When I met my wife 11 years ago, we always celebrate valentine's day together. This is the first time that we are not celebrating it together as I work here overseas without her. She is 6 month pregnant now and we decided to spent his pregnancy in our home country and later give birth there.

I really miss her and without her my valentine's day is just an ordinary day for me. After work, I just spent my time talking to her and telling her that how much I love her and miss her specially this day. She even cry and I know she feels the same way too. This is a normal situation happened in an OFW/expat who worked away from their love ones.

But we know God has a perfect plan for us why He allow this things happen to us. We still praise the Lord and this heart day is nothing without His LOVE.

Happy Valentine's Mommy! I love you!!

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