Learning Bahasa Melayu to Tagalog and English

Since I am working in a foreign land of Malaysia, learning their language, culture and belief was the first thing that came in my mind. I need to know it as part of my adopting survival and working here in their country.  Now, in my two years here I can say that I almost adopt their culture and little by little I learn some words of Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu.

Bahasa Melayu is their national language even they have three races like Chinese, Indian and Malay. I can say that Bahasa Melayu is easy to learn for Filipino as some of their words are the same with Tagalog words or it sounds like. The only difference is how they pronounce it with a different accent. You can read it right but you also need to know how they speak it too. 

During my first month here in Kuala Lumpur, I already learned a few Bahasa Melayu words. You will see it everywhere in Malaysia so you will know it without teaching you the meaning of that words. Like in their toilet or TANDAS, Perempuan for women and Lelaki for men. Their used Jalan word in the name of the road so it means JALAN is Street or Road. Also when you ride a taxi cab you will see the big TEKSI words in the car which means taxi, LOL.

Here are the some Basic Bahasa Melayu to Tagalog to English.

Bahasa Melayu  - Tagalog  - English

satu - isa - one
dua - dalawa - two
tiga - tatlo - three
empat - apat - four
lima - lima - five
enam - anim - six
tujuh - pito - seven
lepan - walo - eight
sembilan - siyam - nine
sepuluh - sampu - ten
lelaki - lalaki - boy
perempuan - babae - girl
ya - oo - yes
tidak - hindi - no
kanan - kanan - right
kiri - kaliwa - left
turus - deretso - straight

Still, I am on a process of learning of their language and the meaning of their words in Tagalog and English. Later on I will share again some words so I will not forget it too.


  1. mukhang madali lang matutunan ang lengwahe nila, halos kapareho lang ng sa tagalog.

  2. oo nga po, sana madami pa ako matutunan....

  3. good luck din seo! :)

  4. oo nga ano, parang pareho sa atin...
    good luck :)