Truthful and Honest

Truth is the most powerful weapon in the world and this world very much needs honest people. But unfortunately, nowadays truth is far from its existence. Lies and liars are the rulers in this evil world that were living in. This could be a happy and a peaceful world if the truth rules over lies in this present time. Some says that there's no justice for the poor. It gets harder and harder to think that people live with much lies. Realizing all these things that justice is not being served fairly, makes us more aggressive to ask ourselves how evil the world is.

Far too many have the very false notion that being honest is out of style and it is the same as being a simpleton or a foolish person. So, it follows that the truthful person becomes rather the exception. Fortunately however, this is not the opinion of those who respect charity and justice.

Those who think they can be justified in lying when it's to their favor are plain cowards; right is right even if the whole world is wrong and wrong is wrong even if the whole world is right. If you spent as much time being honest about what's not right in your life as you do covering it up, you'd have a lot more energy for what is right in your life.

Therefore, if you are true to yourself then you can't help being true to God. Truth is to know yourself and to know God. While you live, tell the truth and shame the evil for the greatest homage you can pay to truth is to use it.

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