Celebrating Deepavali in KL

This is my second time to celebrate a Deepavali or also known as Depawali / Dewali here in KL. My Indian colleagues always invited me to their home and celebrate it with his family. Since Deepavali here in Malaysia is a national holiday which fall every 26 of October every year,  I can join them and I want to observe how they celebrate the Deepavali. I think Deepavali is celebrated like how we celebrate Christmas.

Deepavali Festival is one of the most important feasts for Hindus. It is also known as Festival of Lights which is the celebration of victory of good over the evil.
Deepavali Lanterns from wikipedia.

I ask my Indian friend what was Deepavali or Dewali means to him. This is what he says Deepavali means a lot to me and I enjoy this festival the most of my childhood days. It’s like a festival of sweets as we prepare and eat different varieties of Indian sweets. Wearing new clothes and fresh new look to our home as we clean it and put a new curtains and new bed sheets. We have also sharing gifts. We buy gold, silver, or steel as this is best time to buy those things.”

Happy DEEPAVALI to all!!

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