Finding our way again: Book Review

This is my first time for a book review. Entitled “Finding our way again” by Brian Mclaren. I find it interesting that is why I request it from booksneeze.
After reading “Finding our way again” realized me that I need a constant change to desire for a deeper devotion to God. Maybe I am one of those Christian that practices an old and traditional prayer. In this book, we will teach us to have a spiritual discipline and go back to Abraham’s time and transform us to spiritual sojourn.
In the first chapter,  Mclaren discuss the purpose of this book as  Jesus followers we need to rediscover our faith as a way of life. He shares a lot of experiences for us to inspire and overview the spiritual practices of the believers of Jesus Christ.
Sometimes, we Christians are experimenting and very eager to discover a new way how to follow Christ. But I learned in this book that there is no need to discover a new way of following Christ but instead just follow Jesus Christ.
I definitely get the other book and continue reading the other 6 series of Mclaren. 

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