This is our Prayer

This is a repost Prayer for our fellow OFW. This is one of the way I can help and support to my fellow OFW or kababayan around the world. Thank you Lord for the provision you gave us.

A Prayer for OFWs

Dear God,
You crossed every border between divinity and humanity to make your home with us. Bless our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who have travelled to foreign lands with faith in their heart leaving their families behind as they break through the barriers of people, cultures, and languages to escape oppression and poverty.

There are many things going on that are beyond us even with our collective power. We come to thee in supplication and heartfelt pleadings as we are mindful of the ordeals of others.

We thank thee for hearing the prayers of your people as China grant reprieve to our three OFWs and may the Chinese government grant a lesser penalty to their case.

Baby’s Day Out

We all love weekends. It’s the family day for almost everyone. And so, last Saturday was again our baby’s day out. My wife and I brought our little ones for shopping. And just before we left the house, my sister in law arrived from her duty and immediately change her medical uniforms to her casual shopping attire and we went ahead to the mall. We have been going out with baby Zoe and its funny that everytime we bring him out for a stroll or shopping he would always snore in his stroller. Giving his mom and auntie more time to shop, while I watch after him while he is sleeping.

The baby’s day out turned to mom’s & auntie’s day out as they enjoyed shopping more than our little one. On the top of mommy’s shopping list was stuff for baby Zoe while auntie found these nursing scrubs on sale where she found good and cheap scrub uniforms.

As always, shopping is very tiring for me, though it seems that the girls am with don’t seem to get tired. This is why I always want to have a sumptuous and delicious dinner before heading home to quench the tiring shopping day for me but definitely a lovely shopping day for baby Zoe’s mom and aunt.

Baby Zoe's Passport

Finally, we already got our baby zoe's passport. After one month and one week of application the wait is now over. We are now planning his first vacation to the philippines this coming March, so our family back home will meet my little one. Thanks to our friend Zai of Philippine embassy for assisting us, and to all staff of the philippine embassy.

CNY at Sunway Lagoon

We have celebrated our Chinese New Year at the Sunway Lagoon. We were invited by our friends Jay and Zaide. I thought we will only be staying at home since we don't actually have any plans for the CNY.

Photos from

Sunway Lagoon is a premier theme park here in Malaysia. In which they offer adventure, excitement and entertainment for you and your family. It is an all in one theme park. Since we were with our baby, we didn't took all the rides even though the extreme park seems to be thrailing and pulling my legs for a ride we just opt but for a sightseeing at the whole place.

Baby Zoe's Second Month

Celebrating our baby's second month while the chinese celebrates their chinese new year. We have our simple lunch with my wife and my sister-in-law. We are so blessed having our baby and seeing him grow healthy.

Happy Second monthsary baby Zoe and Gong Xi Fat Chai to all our Chinese friends out there.

Holiday Today

It’s holiday today here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yes, it’s Federal Territory Day of Kuala Lumpur. I'm glad because I can spend more time with our baby Zoe. It’s time to relax and enjoy every moment with the family. Two more days to go and our baby Zoe’s will turns two months old. We will be having a long weekend for the Chinese New Year holiday. We can spend a whole day with him again. Our friend have invited us to have fun at Sunway Lagoon this coming Friday, looks like we will be celebrating our baby's 2nd month at sunway lagoon. Looking forward.