Baby’s Day Out

We all love weekends. It’s the family day for almost everyone. And so, last Saturday was again our baby’s day out. My wife and I brought our little ones for shopping. And just before we left the house, my sister in law arrived from her duty and immediately change her medical uniforms to her casual shopping attire and we went ahead to the mall. We have been going out with baby Zoe and its funny that everytime we bring him out for a stroll or shopping he would always snore in his stroller. Giving his mom and auntie more time to shop, while I watch after him while he is sleeping.

The baby’s day out turned to mom’s & auntie’s day out as they enjoyed shopping more than our little one. On the top of mommy’s shopping list was stuff for baby Zoe while auntie found these nursing scrubs on sale where she found good and cheap scrub uniforms.

As always, shopping is very tiring for me, though it seems that the girls am with don’t seem to get tired. This is why I always want to have a sumptuous and delicious dinner before heading home to quench the tiring shopping day for me but definitely a lovely shopping day for baby Zoe’s mom and aunt.

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