Advatage of Homeschooled Kids.

Advantage of Homescooled Kid.
Homeschooling is not really an option to most people. Sending them to regular school are still they're first choices. But here are some advantage of a home-schooled kid.

1. You don't need to wake up too early in the morning.
Most of regular school kids experienced this. Waking up too early so you won't be late in school (Otherwise you get the consequence of being late).
2. You never get late and your time is so flexible.
3. You will never skip your breakfast.
Breakfast is the most important meal but some of kids in regular school have to skipped so they will not late.
4. You will not suffer everyday in a heavy traffic. (For student who are travelling)
5. They have the benefits of one on one study vs 30/1 in class.
6. Very intentional.
7. Vertical socialization vs horizontal socialization in regular school.
8. More time with family.
9. They can ask question anytime.
10. No uniforms.
11. No heavy school bags.