Pasar Malam at Mont Kiara

Since we just transfer for a new apartment last August, I try to discover what is new in our place. I just visit a mall near my place, its Mont Kiara One. After roaming around the mall, I just noticed that there's a lot of tent and shops in the other side. Oh... What is that?

I went there to check what's going on in that place. The sellers tells me that they call it Pasar Malam or night market and they are here every Thursday.

Pasar Malam in Plaza Mont Kiara offers clothes, vegetable, fruits and local cuisine like nasi goreng, bihun goreng, satay, local cakes and waffles.

So what are you waiting for, visit and support them and Pasar malam every Thursday and Sunday at noon to midnight..

Pasar malam in Mont Kiara
Night Market in Plaza Mont Kiara
Plaza Mont Kiara Pasar Malam

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