Manila Overhaul!

I read some article news that it will take 20 years to complete the long term solution for the flood and traffic jam in Metro Manila. They will start by removing all the illegal settlers all over the place who caused overpopulation.

I disagree that it will take too long and removing illegal settlers are not only the solutions. Even you will send them to relocation there is still possibility that they will come back and squat again. I think we need to consider this solution.

**If provincial rate are the same as the rate in the city (Metro Manila) maybe some people will not go to manila just to find a good rate job. The good thing here, some of people who are working in Manila can go back in their home town and work there. Make more opportunity in our provinces.

**Improve the value and quality of living in the provinces.

**Intensify tourism and agriculture and patronize our own.

In this case, not only the over populated and traffic jam will be solved. Flooding, pollution and other major problem might be lessen.
God Bless the Philippines!!