My Not so Happy Vacation

I'm back home again.

It’s another vacation for me to my home town Philippine. But this time it’s not so good vacation as my I received a message from my mom that my dad pass away. 

It is a very sad moment for me especially I work away from my family. I saw my father only two months ago and it seems he is in a good condition and healthy that time. Then suddenly, my mom send me message one morning and that my dad hospitalize then pass away that afternoon also.

My company booked me a flight that day. When I finally went to airport, I have this mix feeling going back. I am sad because I will never see my dad alive and happy because I will see my family again especially my 2 little son and my loving wife.

I miss my dad who is always there for me in good or in bad times. I always remember that my breakfast and my lunch box are already prepared before going to work. He is a good dad and I cannot compare it to anyone in this world. I love You dad and truly you will be missed!!

Heavens Gate Phase 2 -Cogeo Antipolo

So, this will be my not so happy vacation.