How to Avoid Taxi Scam in KL

Taxi In KL

Taxi scammed here in KL still exists. I don’t why some of drivers don’t want to use meter and instead they will ask you for the fixed amount which is unreasonable price.  So now how to avoid a taxi scam?

Here are some lists in mind on how to avoid some taxi scammers:

1. Before you enter inside the taxi ask him to use the meter otherwise don’t go inside. Don’t let the driver convinced you and a lot of taxi cab out there! Sometimes, when one passenger agree on what they doing, in the next time they will do it again and again.

2.  Don’t go to the taxi who park on unofficial waiting area. Also, don’t talk to drivers who are outside their cab and asking you for the taxi ride. They are usually waiting for their victims and ask you for a very high taxi fare rate. Better to walk a little bit, and wait for the taxi that will pass by.

3. If you are brave enough, when the driver asks you for a fixed amount tell him that it’s illegal and you can report him to the authority.  

4. Some shopping mall or other places are giving a taxi lane and a taxi counter. It’s better to take a taxi from there which is safer from the scammer than going on the other place.

5. Taking a bus or train is better than taking a taxi. Study the bus and train route to avoid taking a taxi cab. It is cheaper and safety than using a taxi cab.

It’s really hard to avoid taxi scammers when the only way to go to your destination is to take a taxi cab. But it will lessen the bad driver by not riding on them totally. If you already encounter it and no way to go, you can write his plate number. You can report it to the authority if possible. 


  1. There's an easy way to avoid taxi scam: I use the app mytaxicontrol (which also works seems to work in KL). It can calculate the fare in advance or monitor if the cabs meter is running ok. It can also check if the shortest route has been taken.

  2. Hi, Thanks for the advice, I try to check it out and try one time. That's good we have that application in our generation.