You Must Show your Talent

Talent is a God-given gift to us since the creation of the world until we were born and until now. It is a powerful gift if we know how to use it for good.

All of us have talents no matter who you are, what you are, and where you from. We have the right to show what our real talent is. All we need to do is to develop it. Improving one's talent is possibly a hard challenge for us until we will try to dig the depth of our guts to do it. Most of us are scared to show our talent to avoid criticisms from others who we think are more talented than us. We don't want to be hurt, humiliated, feel stupid in front of the crowd and being criticized for what they think is right. We even neglect to hear their precise and bitter words. But eventually, they're doing it with a purpose. They're just trying to help us to be better. Criticism can help us to be more determined, focused and grow if we will take it as a lesson to learn for it will help us to grow much better. Whatever your talent is, practice yourself to master it. Consider it as your priority. Focus just one talent at a time because it is better to have one talent than to have more but you're not good at them. Devote yourself to it and you'll see the result of your hard work on the other side of it.

Show your talent and use it for good. Learn to accept criticism for it will help you to grow more. However, don't over-use it. Bear in mind all the consequences if you use it in evil ways. Guard and protect your talent because nobody can take it from you.