Ukay Ukay Okey

Do you love to buy clothes at ukay-ukay shop? If yes, do you know that instead saving some money you can even spend more for possible threat to your health? Yes, you can buy for the pants for around 50php to 100php pants or clothes and who where not be interest to buy at ukay ukay in the corner.

The truth is excessive molds are growing in ukay ukay clothes because of wet and moisture in clothes. According to experts these germs and bacteria can cause skin diseases like scabies or itching. You can also get a ring worm caused an-an in the body. You also are prone for hyper sensitive pneumonia if the fungus force developed and irritate the lungs.

But do not worry if you are keen to buy ukay ukay, you can still prevent this diseases.
Just follow this three to prevent it:

1. Carefully washed clothes.
2. Soak in hot water.
3. Dried it under the sun.

Remember, prevention is better than cure.


  1. hmmm.. good thing I'm not much into ukay-ukay, they normally don't have my size, lol!

  2. I love ukay-ukay coz it's cheap. But I seldomly go to ukay-ukay because I don't have patience looking for dresses that fits me well.....

  3. I'm also into ukay-ukay, armed with patience and prepared with anti-allergy meds when I get into that. Best place to go to is Baguio City, near Session Road's Jollibee. Kind of pricey sometimes because of the quality. But if you want to get a bargain for 25 each, try Kayang at the Baguio market, just ask around :)

  4. Hi!
    I've never actually bought something from ukay ukay, but I've entered a few stores..
    I guess, because I studied a pre-med course, I know the dangers of buying a 2nd hand item when it come to personal stuff...
    But I'm looking forward to one day, I will find a good find...and I will keep in mind your tips on how to clean them first before actually using it...thanks!

    btw, care to xlinks?

  5. neyya, ukay ukay