Ramadan Fasting Tips by Aster

One of the useful tips this Ramadan from Aster Health Reach program. This E-newsletter come across in my email and I found it very helpful.

1. Your Suhoor meal should be full of complex carbohydrates and protein. Like almodns, fruits, bread, cereal, green vegetables, skimmed milk or yogurt. Avoid consuming coffee or tea before fasting. 

2. Keep well hydrated so that body's fluid losses are compensated.

3. At Iftar
   - Break your fast with dates, water, followed by soup, a bowl of salad and then proceed with th main meal.
   - Eat slowly at Iftar to avoid indigestion and overeating. 
4. Avoid eating foods that high in sugar, spices, or are deep fried.
5. Go fo a 15-20 minutes walk - a great exercise in the evening hours.
6. Organise your schedule so that you get enough sleep.
7. People suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension or woman who are pregnant shoul consult a physician before fasting.

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