What you should know about Dubai Metro?

What you should know about Dubai Metro?
It's been a year since I used Dubai metro as a main transport going to work. And this is some of helpful things you should know so you will avoid getting fine by RTA.

1. During weekends (Thursday and Friday) Dubai metro has extended timing. Last trip will be 1:00am. This is conforme with different stations.

2. If you are a guy, you can't enter on Ladies Only cabin to go to normal cabin.

3. Are you a silver card holder? Specially ladies, your not allow to enter the vip or gold class cabin to go to ladies cabin.

4. Ladies/children cabin is not includes Men in the family. So fathers, better go to the other cabin. Don't get confused, this cabin is not for family. 

5. Nowadays very few gentlemen will offer you a seat, so girls be used to it.

6. You can learn some basic arabic word if you try to listen and internalized it.

7. Time interval between trains is depends on peak and non-peak hours.

8. The longest station to station is from Business Bay Station to Noor Bank Station.

9. Dubai Metro is PWD (people with disabilty) friendly.

10. 100% auto-pilot or operated authomatically(computerized).

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