Venturing in Online Business

One fine evening as we prefer ourselves for dreamland my wife told me that she wanted to open an online shop as an additional income. Well life has been hard for us the past year and my wife’s idea would be a great help. But an online shop? It has been viral these days. What are you gonna sell then? To cut it short, she then open her (or would I say our) clothing online store. Mostly it was her doing the business and if I have extra time I help her.  Having started last November was a great advantage since it was close to Christmas which is a season for shopping.

Just like any other business, running the business was not easy. It requires time management as to how to balance family and business. The same goes with marketing strategies. Online marketing was not easy. You gotta be a computer and internet savvy to make your online store visible to your target market. It was in this field that I get to extend my skills for the business and we are glad that somehow we were able to hit our target market and in almost two months sales were good and we believe that this 2013 it will be greater.

If you are also having a thought of having your online store, it won’t hurt to try. My wife was just trying her luck, she doesn't have business background nor she belongs to a family of business men and so far she is doing well in this business. Go ahead, you will never know it’s your cup of tea if you don’t try it. Good luck!

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