Plants for Good luck this Chinese New Year

Another long holiday is coming again next week and it’s another year for my Chinese friends. Yes Chinese New Year and it’s a long holiday here in KL, Malaysia which will be on February 9 to 12 year 2013. It’s time for me to go back to my home town to see my family way back home.

By the way, if you want a good luck this coming year why not try to have plants. Yes, as for Chinese plants give the connotations of wealth, prosperity and good luck. Here are the plants you can have this Chinese New Year.

Golden Money Plant – as the name says “money”. Well, this plant symbolizes a good fortune especially when this plant got a flower.  Golden money plant has a thick and glossy leaves.

Mandarin Orange Kumquat – this symbolize of good fortune, wealth and prosperity. This is a must have especially during Lunar New Year.

Fortune Bamboo – some people called it lucky bamboo. They say this plant invites good fortune and bring prosperity and happiness.

Pussy willow – I never seen this plants before but they say having a pussy willow during Chinese new year can give you wealth and prosperity.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone especially to my Chinese friends here in KL, Malaysia.

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