Few Things to Consider when Choosing Parking Space

A couple of days ago, I was with a friend who drove over to the airport to pick up someone. Upon reaching the airport, we could hardly find a parking space as the car parks were full. It took us almost thirty minutes waiting a car to vacate a parking space. As we wait for that space, I noticed that the parking area was a bit dark, although it’s was already midnight, I think car parks should be well lit. If It wasn't hard to find a car parking on that area I should have suggested parking in a brighter parking area for safety reasons. 

Everyone who owns a car must be vigilant when choosing a parking space especially in places that you are not familiar with where you have to park for long hours. Unless you are parked at a secure and professional parking like Heathrow parking I’m sure you could not afford to see your side mirror missing, your windshield broken or worst your car missing. So you have to take consideration on the car parking’s safety. Here are few worth considering when choosing parking spaces.

  • Parking area should have a parking attendant. However parking attendant does not guarantee a 100% security.  
  • Choose parking lots with proper parking spaces planning and meet the standard size of parking space which is 5x2.5 meters. Avoid parking lots where cars are parked disorderly.
  • Choose parking with ample of lights. In brighter parking areas you can easily see people around in this case it would be easy to identify people with bad motives.
  • Avoid parking near areas with ongoing construction. In most parking areas, it is considered parking at your own risk; therefore the parking lot operator will not be liable to any damage your car might have met.
  • Do not leave any valuable belongings inside your car. This will attract thieves.
  • Lastly, ensure that your car doors are properly locked.  

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  1. Parking Space is a big problem i developed cities. its very useful and interesting details article post here. thanks to share