Be Positive

It has been a roller coaster ride for me last year. Difficulties came my way but I never stop thinking and believing that good things could happen and something good has to be the main event for that year. I was right. Good stands out over evil.

Sometimes, we ought to give up because we think that there's no more hope and no more future for us. It is a state of mind that our consciousness may sometimes shut down because our heart tends to stop encouraging our emotions to drop. We feel depressed, pressure, frustrated, disappointed, heartbroken etc. Being humans, we are capable to this emotions. We are very focused to this "not so good" attitude. Lets start fighting over those things and overcome it because it can damage and destroy us even our soul. Sometimes, it will lead us to do evil/unlikable things which is the worst feeling in the world. 

I consider myself as an optimist one. I always think and hope for the best things. I always encourage myself to ignore the negative side of it cause in life good and bad exists. You have to stand for yourself and defend a principle that everything happens for a reason. Don't blame God about your situation right now. He knows better. He himself knows your capability so just leave everything to Him. He's the expert. Do what you have to do. Develop whatever talent you have and pursue what you dreamed of. God's will is more important than ours. Just be grateful of what you have right now. More blessings will be poured out from heaven. Leave behind all your worries cause God will make a way where there seems to be no way. 

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