Plants for Good luck this Chinese New Year

Another long holiday is coming again next week and it’s another year for my Chinese friends. Yes Chinese New Year and it’s a long holiday here in KL, Malaysia which will be on February 9 to 12 year 2013. It’s time for me to go back to my home town to see my family way back home.

By the way, if you want a good luck this coming year why not try to have plants. Yes, as for Chinese plants give the connotations of wealth, prosperity and good luck. Here are the plants you can have this Chinese New Year.

Golden Money Plant – as the name says “money”. Well, this plant symbolizes a good fortune especially when this plant got a flower.  Golden money plant has a thick and glossy leaves.

Mandarin Orange Kumquat – this symbolize of good fortune, wealth and prosperity. This is a must have especially during Lunar New Year.

Fortune Bamboo – some people called it lucky bamboo. They say this plant invites good fortune and bring prosperity and happiness.

Pussy willow – I never seen this plants before but they say having a pussy willow during Chinese new year can give you wealth and prosperity.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone especially to my Chinese friends here in KL, Malaysia.

Be Positive

It has been a roller coaster ride for me last year. Difficulties came my way but I never stop thinking and believing that good things could happen and something good has to be the main event for that year. I was right. Good stands out over evil.

Sometimes, we ought to give up because we think that there's no more hope and no more future for us. It is a state of mind that our consciousness may sometimes shut down because our heart tends to stop encouraging our emotions to drop. We feel depressed, pressure, frustrated, disappointed, heartbroken etc. Being humans, we are capable to this emotions. We are very focused to this "not so good" attitude. Lets start fighting over those things and overcome it because it can damage and destroy us even our soul. Sometimes, it will lead us to do evil/unlikable things which is the worst feeling in the world. 

I consider myself as an optimist one. I always think and hope for the best things. I always encourage myself to ignore the negative side of it cause in life good and bad exists. You have to stand for yourself and defend a principle that everything happens for a reason. Don't blame God about your situation right now. He knows better. He himself knows your capability so just leave everything to Him. He's the expert. Do what you have to do. Develop whatever talent you have and pursue what you dreamed of. God's will is more important than ours. Just be grateful of what you have right now. More blessings will be poured out from heaven. Leave behind all your worries cause God will make a way where there seems to be no way. 

Venturing in Online Business

One fine evening as we prefer ourselves for dreamland my wife told me that she wanted to open an online shop as an additional income. Well life has been hard for us the past year and my wife’s idea would be a great help. But an online shop? It has been viral these days. What are you gonna sell then? To cut it short, she then open her (or would I say our) clothing online store. Mostly it was her doing the business and if I have extra time I help her.  Having started last November was a great advantage since it was close to Christmas which is a season for shopping.

Just like any other business, running the business was not easy. It requires time management as to how to balance family and business. The same goes with marketing strategies. Online marketing was not easy. You gotta be a computer and internet savvy to make your online store visible to your target market. It was in this field that I get to extend my skills for the business and we are glad that somehow we were able to hit our target market and in almost two months sales were good and we believe that this 2013 it will be greater.

If you are also having a thought of having your online store, it won’t hurt to try. My wife was just trying her luck, she doesn't have business background nor she belongs to a family of business men and so far she is doing well in this business. Go ahead, you will never know it’s your cup of tea if you don’t try it. Good luck!

Few Things to Consider when Choosing Parking Space

A couple of days ago, I was with a friend who drove over to the airport to pick up someone. Upon reaching the airport, we could hardly find a parking space as the car parks were full. It took us almost thirty minutes waiting a car to vacate a parking space. As we wait for that space, I noticed that the parking area was a bit dark, although it’s was already midnight, I think car parks should be well lit. If It wasn't hard to find a car parking on that area I should have suggested parking in a brighter parking area for safety reasons. 

Everyone who owns a car must be vigilant when choosing a parking space especially in places that you are not familiar with where you have to park for long hours. Unless you are parked at a secure and professional parking like Heathrow parking I’m sure you could not afford to see your side mirror missing, your windshield broken or worst your car missing. So you have to take consideration on the car parking’s safety. Here are few worth considering when choosing parking spaces.

  • Parking area should have a parking attendant. However parking attendant does not guarantee a 100% security.  
  • Choose parking lots with proper parking spaces planning and meet the standard size of parking space which is 5x2.5 meters. Avoid parking lots where cars are parked disorderly.
  • Choose parking with ample of lights. In brighter parking areas you can easily see people around in this case it would be easy to identify people with bad motives.
  • Avoid parking near areas with ongoing construction. In most parking areas, it is considered parking at your own risk; therefore the parking lot operator will not be liable to any damage your car might have met.
  • Do not leave any valuable belongings inside your car. This will attract thieves.
  • Lastly, ensure that your car doors are properly locked.