It's Not About Power

Most people are being attached to their position, possession and Power. As we can see that they're very proud of whom they are now being on top of everybody else. These types of people are just so selfish and so equipped of what they have. Never bothered to look after those who in need the most of their help. How can people do such thing?

In a society where the person's worth and standing is measured by his economic power, those who have none are always at the mercy of those who have, who can manipulate the society. Nowadays, these things are happening most likely. We're not blind yet to just not notice it. For instance, an employer with a title thinks that he can do everything he wants; he can manipulate the contract that is meant to be followed. He thinks he's powerful enough to just break it as easy as he think but he's wrong. It’s not about the power. 

Sometimes, people are being blind because of their power. Good and evil are just equal for them but actually we're against about it because it’s not really equal. That’s the big difference between them. Even a 7-year old can determine of what is good and bad. The world is just getting worst because of the human power being abused. Recently, a lot of issues came out from the internet even scandals, racial and religion discrimination that have caused much trouble to everybody. People should know that we're all the same and equality is required to have peace all over the world.

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