Perfectionism is Not a Must

As human being, we can’t avoid of making mistakes but we must know how to listen to our conscience. We are humans and we all have conscience to lead us choosing the right thing to do. I’m not saying that we have to be perfect in everything we do but to be aware of.

Some people are perfectionist. They always want to do things perfectly as long as they can. Because of their aim, sometimes they are too demanding with themselves and others too frequently.

For instance, a wife who is perfectionist must watch herself. Unless she is on guard, she can easily commit on of the mortal sins of marriage by nagging her husband. A sense of humor will temper this tendency and save her from becoming a bad wife. Besides, a wife possessing a sense of humor is prevented from getting too excited over her husband’s attitude. She can see the amusing side of things and is thus saved from much heartache. Because she is humble, she is less sensitive. Consequently, it is hard for anyone to hurt her. She will have little temptation to go around brooding over real or imagined sights. For the give and take of everyday life with her husband, she is well equipped.

No need to be perfect because that’s what makes us humans but let out conscience rule over our pride it is the moral judgment in everything we do. Better to be good rather than to be perfect.

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