My Worst Taxi Experience in KL

My Worst Taxi Experience in KL and Needs to be Discipline.

Taxi in KL

I really don’t want to blog about negative things like this but because of my disappointment I had experienced in riding a taxi cab yesterday I will not let this pass again and again. In more than 2 years of staying here in KL as an expatriate I had encounter a lot of bad experienced with bad attitude taxi driver. But I let it pass and forget about it and I know not all drivers are alike. I don’t want to speculate that KL has the worst taxi driver as I even encounter it in my home country. I still meet good taxi driver and nice to deal with and treat you like a friend.

But yesterday is the worst one! This driver asks me where to go but he speaks in their native language and asks him to speak in English so I can understand him. I told him the place and agree to send me here. I feel so lucky that he agreed, he used meter and not asking for additional amount (as some drivers did). So, I seat on the back and I noticed that he is hiding the meter with a small towel. I am thinking maybe he just covered it because of the direct sunlight but its 6:30pm in the afternoon or maybe he forgot to take it out. So I let it be and I know the estimated amount I will pay as I went to that place many times. As we are arriving in the place and I ask the driver how much I will pay as the meter is covered. Then suddenly he took the towel out so that I can see the amount in his meter. But before that I heard a small sound and it seems like he has press something (very good tactics) and I was shocked that the meter is too high as I expected. Huh! 17 Rm! Usually I only pay for about 10Rm to 12Rm for that short travel depends on the traffic.  Plus he asks me to pay the toll for 2RM which is supposedly 50sen only. What a shame!  I ask him why you press the button in the meter and I usually pay 10Rm, but of course he didn't admit it but rather he speaks loud in his Indian language (Tamil maybe) which I can’t understand and it sounds irritating! I know the use of that button and you press it only if the costumers call you, its 12am in the midnight or going to the airport and etc. He should not press it in his regular taxi service. But in respect I pay for it! In my disappointment I forgot to get his plate number so I can report it and advice my fellows to never ride in that taxi. After that incident, I didn’t feel good the whole night.

I ‘m just little bit offset as the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur this taxi drivers are exists. I think they need to be discipline. I understand that all of us need to earn money but please do it in a descent way.

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