A Different Side This Christmas

I suppose everyone is busy preparing for the coming holidays and perhaps almost everyone is on a rush Christmas shopping. It’s fun shopping for the little ones. Sure they can’t wait to have their Christmas presents. Of course it’s not only the little ones who want something for Christmas. I am sure everyone at my age also wants something this holiday. 

Apart from presents, sure some of us are looking for a different activity this Holiday. This holiday if you’re looking for leisure it might be good to try an SBS ride. Treating your family and friends to an SBS or ATV ride might be a unique activity for the whole family this Christmas. Sure the boys will love it and the girls would want to try it. Who knows the girls might love it and would want to be a side by side rider.

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How to Plan a Fun Vacation for Your Family

Are you sick and tired of your kids complaining when you take your annual road trip somewhere in the continental United States? Do you wish you could afford a wonderful family Patagonia cruise where everyone can do something they like to do? If you're looking to unwind on your next vacation instead of being the mediator between your kids fights, then you need to check out patagonias.net. They have everything you need and then some when you want to plan a fun vacation for your family. This website has a lot of information and photographs you can look through to plan your next vacation to South America. Your children will love you because you are taking them out of the country and on a cruise!

Do Your Research Online

Don't break out the encyclopedias when you are planning a trip to South America; instead, start researching about the country online. You will find there is a lot of information about Patagonia, glaciers, Argentina and Chile. If your family likes to stay active, you’ll be able to find places where you can hike and trek across beautiful landscapes in the wilderness. You can also plan your entire vacation on a cruise tour. Who wouldn't want to see South America by taking a peaceful cruise around the tip of South America? 

Ask Your Family Members What They Want To Do

A great way to plan a fun vacation for your family is to ask them what they want to do during the vacation. You can show them several activities they can choose from when you are planning the vacation for your family. That way, they have a say in what they want to do since it's their vacation too; even if you're paying for it. A trip to South America is just what the doctor ordered for your family; especially if tensions run high on your family vacations. 

Take Your Family On a Cruise

Have you always wanted to go on a cruise with your spouse but you never got around to it or you couldn't afford one for your honeymoon? Even though you have kids now, you can still enjoy yourself when you learn more on the Stella Australis cruises offered by patagonias.net. You can book separate rooms for the entire family so you can spend some alone time with your partner. There is plenty of activities to do that will keep your kids entertained all day and night so you can finally unwind and relax.

Tips in Moving to a New Home

Planning to move to a new apartment? Or have you just purchased a brand new house and lot and will be moving soon? I guess by now you are busy preparing for the move. 

Packing up for a new home needs a lot of work. From preparation, packing to moving on is really time consuming and can be stressful. I have had a few rounds of moving on to a new home and from my experience here are a few tips on how to get moving organize and less stressful.

List down everything. It would help if you write down everything. To keep track of your stuff, have a list of everything that you put in a box then label and number your boxes. 

Have packing supplies ready. Make sure you have enough packing supplies, from boxes, packing tape and bubble and paper wraps. You need lots of them make sure you have them ready so your packing will go smoothly.

Movers. I find it less stressful hiring movers like Déménagement Montréal. It helps us to move faster and easier. If you opt not to hire movers, then you will need a truck and make sure you have someone to help you out in loading and unloading your stuff. 

Secure all valuable stuff and documents. If you hire movers, make sure all your valuable items and documents are with you. 

Moving sometimes sucks but if you plan ahead with proper preparation you’ll definitely move in to your new place easier, organized and less stressful.

It's Not About Power

Most people are being attached to their position, possession and Power. As we can see that they're very proud of whom they are now being on top of everybody else. These types of people are just so selfish and so equipped of what they have. Never bothered to look after those who in need the most of their help. How can people do such thing?

In a society where the person's worth and standing is measured by his economic power, those who have none are always at the mercy of those who have, who can manipulate the society. Nowadays, these things are happening most likely. We're not blind yet to just not notice it. For instance, an employer with a title thinks that he can do everything he wants; he can manipulate the contract that is meant to be followed. He thinks he's powerful enough to just break it as easy as he think but he's wrong. It’s not about the power. 

Sometimes, people are being blind because of their power. Good and evil are just equal for them but actually we're against about it because it’s not really equal. That’s the big difference between them. Even a 7-year old can determine of what is good and bad. The world is just getting worst because of the human power being abused. Recently, a lot of issues came out from the internet even scandals, racial and religion discrimination that have caused much trouble to everybody. People should know that we're all the same and equality is required to have peace all over the world.

Hassle Free House Hunt with Agent Immobilier

Have you ever fancied of a Canadian Vacation and have your portrait at Niagara Falls in Ontario or capture the city from the CN Tower’s viewing deck? Definitely that would be a great vacation and my type of dream destination too. On the other hand if you have been dreaming of working and living in this vibrant bilingual and multi cultured country, you might not be too far from your dream as Canada’s immigration programs is getting better each year soon you might be living your dreams. 

Canada has a large number of immigrants and it is therefore an immigrant-friendly country. If you happen to be a new immigrant in the country and looking for your first ever home in your dreamland check out property ads in the local news paper or go online for a convenient property hunt. There are various property brokers / agents online that may help you find the perfect home for you. If you are in Quebec check out Maison à vendre Gatineau (house for sale in Gatineau) it will take you closer to your dream house. For a faster and hassle free house hunt leave it all to an Agent Immobilier Gatineau they will definitely give you the best and perfect home according to your needs. 

I am sure you can’t wait to be the king and queen of your new home in the land that you’ve been dreaming. Best of luck!

Smokers Treat

Many people know how badly smoking damages our health. And despite the warning of health professionals it is sad that there are still a large number of smokers. About a third of male population worldwide are smokers and one of ten smokers die because of heart and chronic lung disease. 

I find it irritating when someone smokes next to me as it leaves me a prey to second hand smoke. I remember a close friend who was chain smoker. I would often see him sucking on that cancer stick and I tried to stop him from smoking. When one of his colleagues who were also a chain smoker was diagnosed with lung cancer, he realizes that bragging him to stop smoking would save him from having the same disease. He attempted to quite numerous times but for him it was a hard nut to crack. 

E Cigarette Starter Kits (www.firelight-fusion.com)

And that made him interested in electronic cigarette. This newly created stuff for smokers brings the smoking sensation without the harmful effects caused by tobacco as well as the harmful second hand smoke. I have been seeing this e cigar shop in a mall near our place so I took him there to inquire about the product. We found out that ecigars comes in different flavors such as strawberry, chocolate and the tobacco itself. You also have the option on how much nicotine you want to consume as the nicotine level is adjustable. It is surely a treat for smokers! Although an e cig starter kit is more expensive than the normal tobacco cigarette, it’s a better option rather than putting your health at risk which will definitely cost you a lot of money for medication. 

My friend then, thought electronic cigarette will help him detached from tobacco smoking so he bought for himself an electronic cigarette starter kit. I really hope that it will help him wean from tobacco smoking.

Sports : PBA Draft Day Results 2012

PBA Draft Day Results 2012:

1st Round
1. Junmar Fajardo - Petron
2. Calvin Abueva - Alaska
3. Alex Mallari - Petron
4. Cliff Hodge - Meralco
5. Aldrech Ramos - Barako
6. Chris Ellis - Ginebra
7. Chris Tiu - Rain or Shine
8. Keith Jensen - Ginebra
9. Vic Manuel - Global Port Batang Pier
10. Jason Deutchman - Global Port Batang Pier

2nd Round
1. Yousef Taha - Air 21
2. Dave Marcelo - Barako
3. Jewel Ponferada - B-Meg
4. Alfred Mandani - Global Port Batang Pier
5. Lester Alvarez - Barako
6. Eman Monfort - Barako
7. Kelly Nabong - Meralco
8. Woody Co - Barako
9. Raffy Reyes - Alaska
10. Jaypee Belencion - Talk N' Text

3rd Round
1. Simon Atkins - Air 21
2. Karl Dehesa - Alaska
3. Ryan Boado - Barako
4. Janus Lozada - Meralco
5. Mark Sarangay - Petron
6. Mark Anthony Acosta - Global Port Batang Pier
7. Raymond Austria - Rain or Shine
8. Jerick Canada - Ginebra
9. Gian Chiu - B-Meg
10. Jason Escueta - Talk N' Text

4th Round 
1. Pass - Alaska
2. Pass - Air 21
3. Joseph Hermosisima - Barako
4. Eric Suguitan - Meralco
5. Pass - Petron
6. Jan Colina - Global Port Batang Pier
7. Jewel Palomique - Rain or Shine
8. Paul Zamar - Ginebra
9. Ramon Mabayo - B-Meg
10. Pass - Talk N' Text

5th Round
1. Pass - Air 21
2. Pass - Alaska
3. Pass - Barako
4. Pass - Meralco
5. Pass - Petron
6. Virgilio Serios - Global Port Batang Pier
7. Pass - Rain or Shine
8. Virgil Buensuceso - Ginebra
9. Pass - B-Meg
10. Pass - Talk N' Text

6th Round
1-7. Pass
8. Elliot Tan - Ginebra
9-10. Pass

Unprinted Desire for My Mom

I get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. How I wish it’s a weekend so I don’t have to wake up early for work. This reminded me of my old school days quite a few years ago where waking up too early was really a battle. Shutting off and resetting the alarm clock was an early morning scenario. I bet some of you can absolutely relate with what I am writing.

And thinking of schooling, if I may pursue a postgraduate course, I am thinking of taking up a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. It just so happens that I have this long desire of designing my mom’s garden at home that until now remains on my mind, it’s not yet drawn nor printed. So apart from redesigning her retirement house, I am thinking that touching the landscapes of her dream retirement house will surely bring an aroma to her environment. I am sure she will love it!

Okay, back to the reality. Taking up a master’s degree is impossible right now, things are hard up and I really need to work like a horse for my family. And if I am not given a chance to do the landscaping for my mom, perhaps I would seek professional service like that of landscaper London who have done great job in landscaping London. This sounds really spoiling my mom. But isn’t it customers want the best service? So dealing with top designers and contractors is a wise decision. Well, only if I can afford their service.  

Life Long Learning Books Through Good Librarians

We must beware of bad books and treasure the good ones.

A bad book in the hands of a teenager deprives his dignity. If he finds reading it enjoyable, it means his soul is enjoying as well. If reading is done out of curiosity, let us call it a dangerous and evil curiosity. What can one learn in reading a bad book? May it be everything that may cause us harms? Usually one reads for the sake of instruction, so it is far better to read good books from which some profitable teaching may be derived.

Good books teach us a lot. From nothing to everything. When it comes to passion of reading books, we should choose the good ones which we can learn morality, understanding life and how to preserve our dignity and integrity by using our principles in a good way. Books can be treasured companions, filling us with wonder and knowledge.

A good librarian teaches students how to use library resources well. It is to believe that beneath your disciplinarian demeanor lies a strong desire to help students succeed in their academic pursuits.

Librarian is often portrayed as bookish introverts but this is far from true. One actually needs a lot of people skills in this job. So, don’t underestimate them because they have played an important role in your life. 

Travel: From London to Stonehenge

You need not to be a historian for you to be acquainted with Stonehenge. I’m sure you have heard about this pre-historic monument in Wiltshire either from a traveller friend or from your history class. As for me, I have studied Stonehenge in my History of Architecture subject way back in college. This Neolithic structure is believed to have been built between 3000BC and 2000BC and it is one among UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Today, Stonehenge has become a popular tourist destination. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors from different part of the globe. One of my friends was fortunate to have been visited the place. I wish wifey and I will also be able to set our foot in that historic place. As much as we need to save for this trip, there are more important things that we should prioritize at this time. So I guess, I guess this trip will have to wait for the right time. Planning early as of now is really important for us, especially we want to enjoy our vacation without hassle. Together with our kids, I think they will enjoy it very much.

If you live in London, you are so lucky because there are various Stonehenge Tours from London available at an affordable price. They offer fantastic, comprehensive and value package tours. You’ve got to choose whether you want a full day or afternoon Stonehenge tour with a side trip to Windsor, Oxford or Salisbury. Or if you are short of time you can simply have an express tour to Stonehenge by a luxury coach.

Stonehenge may not be a dream destination for everyone, but I would love to visit and see this structure for real which I only saw in picture and my history book. 

Boost Your Sales through Advertising

Anyone who runs a business including those who got bankrupt would know the impact of the advertisement to their sales revenue. So whether you already run your own business or just starting out a small business consider Advertising in Airdrie. This has been a powerful tool in informing the public about your products or services and a great possibility of catching numbers of customers.

With the array of businesses nowadays, advertisement plays a big role in the success of your business. There are different forms of advertisements to choose from and mostly they come in a top dollar. And just when you thought you can’t afford to advertise, why don’t you try Airdrie advertising, they are here to give you affordable yet quality advertising service ideal to those who are starting a small business.  Although prices are based on the advertising space they are still affordable compared to other advertising agency. And more than the affordability is the quality of the advertisement they offer their clients. Plus they can also assist you in designing your advertisement should you need it and with assurance that it will be delivered and will reach your target customers.

But remember, the success of your business does not only depend on advertising itself. Of course it needs to be properly managed and requires interpersonal skills for your business to come up with roses.

USA Vs Lithuania Men's basketball

What a tough games for USA Vs Lithuania Men's basketball. With a 5 point lead of Team USA Vs Lithuania Men's basketball. With a final score 99-95.

Early foul trouble really hit the team USA.

What a game performance for Lebron James for the last 3 minutes of fouth quarter.

This is a big test for the Team USA as they are going to get the gold medal. Now back to work guys.

Hangtime blog here.

Sports : My Top 10 NBA Player for 2012-2013 Season

Here's my Top 10

10. Anthony Davis of New Orleans Hornets – First Overall Pick this season so he is one of the player to be watch for competing with the veteran player like Kobe, Durant or James.

9. Chris Paul of L.A. Clippers –He is the starting point guard of Team USA Basketball in 2012 London Olympics. I pick him for his ability to create plays.

8. Andre Iguodala of Philadelphia 76ers – he is again, another Team USA Basketball player who is one of the second team who play off the bench. But every time he is in the court he shows what he got.

7.  Carmelo Anthony of New York Knicks– I pick him as my top 7 for his performance last season. Though they are fall short last playoffs still he carries his team to reach unto the playoff games. So with Jason Kidd who add in their line up, so let’s watch this team.

Watch how Carmelo Anthony set a new record for most points of a player in Men's Basketball Olympic Games.

6. Kevin Garnett of Boston Celtics – even he retire this season, still Garnett is one of my top player in NBA. Now as he decides to continue his journey (though Ray Allen left) this season I want to see how he play and better watch out cause this guy is very tough one.

5. Dwyane Wade of Miami Heat – after declaring not to play in 2012 London Olympics because of his left knee injury and be prepared for next season to depend their Championship, I am hoping he is in his a good shape.

4. Kobe Bryant of L.A. Lakers – who man in this world would not like in his list for the Top 10 NBA player next season.  He still can do anything on the floor.

3. Manu GInobili of San Antonio Spurs – Like Kobe, Manu Ginobili is still at his best. After fall short last conference finals, still we saw how good Ginobili is. He is one of the best player in Team Argentina this 2012 London Olympics.

2. Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City Thunder – Well, our 3 time reigning top 1 scorer in NBA. Kevin Durant is my top 2 because of his ability; he’s like a scoring machine. He is there when the team needed him. Better watch him next season especially now that he experience of losing NBA Finals last season. I know this man grow and learned a lot.

1. Lebron James of Miami Heat – the MVP now has a ring. Why Lebron James is my number one pick next season? Well, after he show his unselfish play, the ability to score in posting, good defender, and can play 1 to 5. Now, I want to see how he and his team can depend their championship.

Perfectionism is Not a Must

As human being, we can’t avoid of making mistakes but we must know how to listen to our conscience. We are humans and we all have conscience to lead us choosing the right thing to do. I’m not saying that we have to be perfect in everything we do but to be aware of.

Some people are perfectionist. They always want to do things perfectly as long as they can. Because of their aim, sometimes they are too demanding with themselves and others too frequently.

For instance, a wife who is perfectionist must watch herself. Unless she is on guard, she can easily commit on of the mortal sins of marriage by nagging her husband. A sense of humor will temper this tendency and save her from becoming a bad wife. Besides, a wife possessing a sense of humor is prevented from getting too excited over her husband’s attitude. She can see the amusing side of things and is thus saved from much heartache. Because she is humble, she is less sensitive. Consequently, it is hard for anyone to hurt her. She will have little temptation to go around brooding over real or imagined sights. For the give and take of everyday life with her husband, she is well equipped.

No need to be perfect because that’s what makes us humans but let out conscience rule over our pride it is the moral judgment in everything we do. Better to be good rather than to be perfect.


A year ago, there was a couple that had been married for nearly 10 years, separated for the last three years. After eight years of marriage, she suddenly left. She wanted space and freedom, it seems. He had to let her go. Their marriage had not been easy to both of them. Social status cut a deep chasm between them. She was a successful graduate. He was nobody but a clerk - a 15 years older than she was. Her family objected strongly to their relationship and the social circles she belonged to caused him deep discomfort, insecurity and inferiority. He had never managed to blend in ; he choose not to blend in.

This social situation  was worsened by the fact that he was a house-husband, bringing their two sons up, sons who saw little of their mother as she worked long hours. It did not help that she was the sole breadwinner on top of everything else. So when she decided enough is enough, he had let her go. She never came back.

And then he heard that she was sick. She was suffering from aggressive ovarian cancer. He wanted to take her home. No matter the problems with their relationships, he still loved her. He said,''She choose me, when no one else would. This is something i remain proud of. She agreed. She told him she wanted closure and most of all FORGIVENESS. Her two sons were less enthusiastic. Why return when she was dying and not when she was living? Their father explained everything.
He cared for her till she died.

Home is home. It was a sanctuary. It is a place of sharing, understanding and redemption.
There is joy in giving and receiving. But gifts comes in many forms. The gift of forgiveness, to forgive and to be forgiven, is priceless because it finally brings together that which is separated.

How to Avoid Taxi Scam in KL

Taxi In KL

Taxi scammed here in KL still exists. I don’t why some of drivers don’t want to use meter and instead they will ask you for the fixed amount which is unreasonable price.  So now how to avoid a taxi scam?

Here are some lists in mind on how to avoid some taxi scammers:

1. Before you enter inside the taxi ask him to use the meter otherwise don’t go inside. Don’t let the driver convinced you and a lot of taxi cab out there! Sometimes, when one passenger agree on what they doing, in the next time they will do it again and again.

2.  Don’t go to the taxi who park on unofficial waiting area. Also, don’t talk to drivers who are outside their cab and asking you for the taxi ride. They are usually waiting for their victims and ask you for a very high taxi fare rate. Better to walk a little bit, and wait for the taxi that will pass by.

3. If you are brave enough, when the driver asks you for a fixed amount tell him that it’s illegal and you can report him to the authority.  

4. Some shopping mall or other places are giving a taxi lane and a taxi counter. It’s better to take a taxi from there which is safer from the scammer than going on the other place.

5. Taking a bus or train is better than taking a taxi. Study the bus and train route to avoid taking a taxi cab. It is cheaper and safety than using a taxi cab.

It’s really hard to avoid taxi scammers when the only way to go to your destination is to take a taxi cab. But it will lessen the bad driver by not riding on them totally. If you already encounter it and no way to go, you can write his plate number. You can report it to the authority if possible. 

My Greatest Father's Day Gift Ever

This is my second year to celebrate being a father this Father's day. As of now, this is my greatest gift I have received this Father's day. Thanks to my loving wife for the effort for making this photos of me together with our babies.


The Canticle Singers (TCS) is honoured and proud to host and present the world renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers ("MADZ") in concert from July 5-6, 2012 (Thursday &Friday), 8:30 pm at: 

Trinity Methodist Church
6 Jalan 5/37
46000 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

The two-day concert is in support of The Philippine Community Fund which undertakes relief work and provides educational services for the children and families who live on and around the Tondo dumpsite also known as Smokey Mountain in Manila. 

The Canticle Singers (TCS) is a voluntary community chorale established in Kuala Lumpur in 1992. TCS won the Best Group Performance (Vocal) at the 9th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2012 on 29 April 2012. More about TCS at www.thecanticlesingers.com

Admission to the concert is by invitation upon donation and the details are as follows:

Donation levels: RM108, RM88 & RM68 (inclusive of RM3 handling fee) and invitations are available effective from Tuesday 5 June 2012 via the following channels and outlets:

Online: www.ilassotickets.com

Hotline: +60 3 7957 6088

Excited more Than Before

I am going home for 3 weeks in my home town and I more excited now. Why? I left in the Philippines with my wife and first born son. That time wife is already 3 months pregnant. Last week, my wife gave birth in our second baby and now I can see my family with a new baby in a house. That is why I am more excited more than before. 

While waiting here in the airport I am thinking when I reach home what would be my reaction for my first baby and the new one. I love them so much as well as my wife to. I’m afraid I will be focusing to one of them. Now I am thinking that it’s getting hard for me to balance my time to all of them. I want to play with my first baby and the same time I want to carry also my new one. Hmmmm.. Let’s see! This will be resolve tomorrow. Happy trip to me! :)

Ways to Be a Good Parent

Being a parent is one of the most joyful and rewarding activities in life. You bring a beautiful child into the world and nurture them, watch them grow, and form a deep and loving bond spanning many years. However, parenting is also a challenging job. No one is a perfect parent and everyone is susceptible to making mistakes. Parenting is even more challenging when you have many stresses and burdens in other areas of your life. 

Every family has a unique set of problems. While there are no all encompassing rules to parenting, below are some guidelines to help you improve your parenting skills, address problem areas, and raise responsible and loving children.

Show your children unconditional love

This is probably the most important guideline. Say again and again "I love you", "I appreciate for who you are", and "You are important to me". A common mistake that parents mistake is having set ideas of what they want their children to be, and withholding their love when their child does not meet these expectations. Love every aspect of you child. Love them in despite of their faults. A loved child is an open and healthy child.

Enjoy your children

It can be very easy to fall in the habit of focusing on the problems of raising children or developing a negative attitude. Get out of this rut by doing fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Do such activities as going on outings, reading, and cooking, and playing with them. Any activity that helps develop and strengthen your relationship with your child is a positive step in laying the groundwork of love and trust. Your children will grow up fast, so "seize the day", and cherish every moment that you can spend with your child.  

Make your children feel safe

One of the biggest problems facing the world is fear and having a fear mindset, which leads to a host of other problems such as anxiety, depression, anger, and violence. This fear mindset is developed at an early age in life and further reinforced by images and information absorbed through media outlets, advertising, and society. An important role of parents is to make their children feel safe. Make them feel at ease. Let them know that you are there for them and can protect them. Help them understand the difference between issues that can be addressed and unrealistic fears.

Get parenting advice

There are many ways to get good parenting advice. Many community centers, hospitals, and schools offer parenting classes. Don't hesitate to talk about your parenting issues with a doctor, counselor, or minister. A family doctor or pediatric physician can give specific advice on such things as potty training, discipline, eating problems, or sleep issues. For more information on gaining career skills for advising parents, please find more infomation at Online Courses.

Be a non-intrusive observer and listener

The "observing" aspect of this guideline can sometimes feel counter-intuitive because it is usually instinctive to immediately correct every mistake that a child makes. However, it is important to strike a good balance with regards to this. An attentive eye is important, but often it is most effective to let a child learn from their own mistakes and grow at a healthy pace, without facing the constant pressure of endless instructions and admonishments. Let a child be what they need to be and don't force yourself too much on them. Just as you can hurt a plant if you water it too much, you can hinder a a child's development by being too overbearing. 

Being a good listener means being completely open, having clear communication, and having an understanding of your child's needs and interests. When you closely listen, you can better understand your child's passions, so that you can help properly nurture them and allow them to flourish. Be patient and attentive in face of the multitude of questions questions that they ask you, and be an outlet for their natural curiosity.

Set a good example

If you want you children to develop into a good person, then you must be a good person as well. Many of the behaviors that we carry into adulthood, both positive and negative, can be traced back to the behavioral traits of our parents. Parents have tremendous influence on the behavior of their children, not only for how they raise them, but also from the behavioral traits that the children model from their parents. Learn to unconditionally love yourself and develop a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Be a light of love that helps uplift your child.

Take a break

Everyone needs a break from parenting once in awhile. Don't let yourself reach the burnout stage. If there is another adult in the family, take turns in taking care of the children. Seek help from friends and family. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. A healthy parent translates to a healthy child.

Career Options

This list of guidelines is applicable to not only parents, but also to professionals whose job is related to raising or teaching children, such counselors, doctors, and educators. If you are looking for educational opportunities for such careers, please look at the degree programs at Online Universities


You Must Show your Talent

Talent is a God-given gift to us since the creation of the world until we were born and until now. It is a powerful gift if we know how to use it for good.

All of us have talents no matter who you are, what you are, and where you from. We have the right to show what our real talent is. All we need to do is to develop it. Improving one's talent is possibly a hard challenge for us until we will try to dig the depth of our guts to do it. Most of us are scared to show our talent to avoid criticisms from others who we think are more talented than us. We don't want to be hurt, humiliated, feel stupid in front of the crowd and being criticized for what they think is right. We even neglect to hear their precise and bitter words. But eventually, they're doing it with a purpose. They're just trying to help us to be better. Criticism can help us to be more determined, focused and grow if we will take it as a lesson to learn for it will help us to grow much better. Whatever your talent is, practice yourself to master it. Consider it as your priority. Focus just one talent at a time because it is better to have one talent than to have more but you're not good at them. Devote yourself to it and you'll see the result of your hard work on the other side of it.

Show your talent and use it for good. Learn to accept criticism for it will help you to grow more. However, don't over-use it. Bear in mind all the consequences if you use it in evil ways. Guard and protect your talent because nobody can take it from you.

Joining Bc Bloggers

I am glad to catch this year’s BC Blogger in which I am joining. For those of you who don’t have an idea what is BC Blogger, it’s a blogging group which aims to help fellow bloggers in boosting inbound link in an easy and systematic way. It will not only increase your inbound links but you will also gain friends in the blogosphere.

If you want to join, just visit this link and register your blog. Enjoy blogging!

Do you Care for Your Health?

We are all responsible for the state of our health care and a good and sensible system will enable each citizen to cope with illnesses well. Yet between parents who compel their children to pursue a medical degree in the hope of a better future, a government that seeks to achieve a doctor patient ratio of a developed country and a private health care approach that attempts to raise profits and impress the public with specialized treatment and machines with fancy acronyms, it is the vulnerable patients who suffer.

To some of us, the issue of vulnerable patients usually applies to someone else. It's not my problem. The system and the government know the best so don't worry about it. Has one wondered why millions are spent in campaigns to stop smoking, yet at airports and on planes, pride of place is given to tobacco (and alcohol) products? Thus, do we really have an effective healthcare system that cares for us beyond the mere peso and dollar? Ultimately we are at the mercy of the system that governs us.

The fragility of the human body is such the most of us will require medical attention in our life. At some point, perhaps even tomorrow, it might be you. What do you want from your doctor?

Medical education is more than the mere repetition of factual data. In an education system that thrives on rote learning, new doctors whose brains serve as large hard disk drives may be able to regurgitate large amounts of facts which may or not be relevant to the situation at hand. This may be impressive. But knowledge without attitude and skills may leave the application of medicine seriously flawed.

When afflicted with a disease and a consultation with a doctor beckons, do ask yourself what are the important qualities that you wish to have in your doctor? A doctor filled to the brim with facts will not be very effective if he or she doesn’t ask the right questions and or have the skills to examine you in a way that preserves your dignity

And what if the right questions are asked? Are doctors trained to listen? Will they listen to all that you wish to say or merely to listen to what they want to hear? Will they only listen to the words, but not the emotions or the silence between the words? Will they be interested in your suffering or merely look for the symptoms that fit the description of the disease that they wish to label you with?

Will the doctor in front of you, treat you in a way that makes you special and cared for?

My Worst Taxi Experience in KL

My Worst Taxi Experience in KL and Needs to be Discipline.

Taxi in KL

I really don’t want to blog about negative things like this but because of my disappointment I had experienced in riding a taxi cab yesterday I will not let this pass again and again. In more than 2 years of staying here in KL as an expatriate I had encounter a lot of bad experienced with bad attitude taxi driver. But I let it pass and forget about it and I know not all drivers are alike. I don’t want to speculate that KL has the worst taxi driver as I even encounter it in my home country. I still meet good taxi driver and nice to deal with and treat you like a friend.

But yesterday is the worst one! This driver asks me where to go but he speaks in their native language and asks him to speak in English so I can understand him. I told him the place and agree to send me here. I feel so lucky that he agreed, he used meter and not asking for additional amount (as some drivers did). So, I seat on the back and I noticed that he is hiding the meter with a small towel. I am thinking maybe he just covered it because of the direct sunlight but its 6:30pm in the afternoon or maybe he forgot to take it out. So I let it be and I know the estimated amount I will pay as I went to that place many times. As we are arriving in the place and I ask the driver how much I will pay as the meter is covered. Then suddenly he took the towel out so that I can see the amount in his meter. But before that I heard a small sound and it seems like he has press something (very good tactics) and I was shocked that the meter is too high as I expected. Huh! 17 Rm! Usually I only pay for about 10Rm to 12Rm for that short travel depends on the traffic.  Plus he asks me to pay the toll for 2RM which is supposedly 50sen only. What a shame!  I ask him why you press the button in the meter and I usually pay 10Rm, but of course he didn't admit it but rather he speaks loud in his Indian language (Tamil maybe) which I can’t understand and it sounds irritating! I know the use of that button and you press it only if the costumers call you, its 12am in the midnight or going to the airport and etc. He should not press it in his regular taxi service. But in respect I pay for it! In my disappointment I forgot to get his plate number so I can report it and advice my fellows to never ride in that taxi. After that incident, I didn’t feel good the whole night.

I ‘m just little bit offset as the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur this taxi drivers are exists. I think they need to be discipline. I understand that all of us need to earn money but please do it in a descent way.

Here's my post on How To Avoid Taxi Scam In KL.  

Philippine Birth Certificate Online

How to get a Philippines birth certificate online?

To get a Philippine birth certificate online, go to e-Census website of Philippine National Statistics Office and simply follow the instructions. You can also call (02)737-1111 for your birth certificate to be delivered on your doorstep.

Visit the following sites:

e-Census - https://www.ecensus.com.ph/
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - http://nso.citizenservices.com.ph/

You may also visit Batch Request Entry System (BREQS) outlet in municipal/city hall or in a SM business center nearest to you.

Of course, other civil registry documents like marriage certificates, death certificates, and certificates of no marriage (CENOMAR) are also available.

Valentine's Day Without a Date

When I met my wife 11 years ago, we always celebrate valentine's day together. This is the first time that we are not celebrating it together as I work here overseas without her. She is 6 month pregnant now and we decided to spent his pregnancy in our home country and later give birth there.

I really miss her and without her my valentine's day is just an ordinary day for me. After work, I just spent my time talking to her and telling her that how much I love her and miss her specially this day. She even cry and I know she feels the same way too. This is a normal situation happened in an OFW/expat who worked away from their love ones.

But we know God has a perfect plan for us why He allow this things happen to us. We still praise the Lord and this heart day is nothing without His LOVE.

Happy Valentine's Mommy! I love you!!

Federal Territory Day in KL

Yehey, Today is the Federal Territory day here in KL. As usual it's Holiday! It's time for me to clean and arrange some stuff in our room. It's more than a months since I clean up my things and do some cleaning in our apartment.

Since holiday here today I can also spent more time to talk to my wife and my little one via Skype. Thank you for this modern technology that I have this chance to see my family even it is miles away. My baby also learn how to communicate to his dad. He even give me some of his food and put it in my mouth in the screen of the laptop. Maybe he is thinking that I can get it while he is keeping putting his hand on the screen.

My wife capture this moment and this is very touching scene I ever had with my baby. It's like bonding via world wide web.

Thank you Lord for this technology!

Show Your Generosity

I must say, only few of us has the heart of being generous and able t0 give happiness to others. As we've all witnessed that people nowadays are too greedy of everything most especially when it comes to money. They never set as a good example to others and to themselves as well.

It is well to do our duty but sometimes this is not enough for the happiness of others and our own. We must do our duty with joy, with eagerness and with love. We must not keep count of what we do, nor stop strictly at the exact limit of duty. We should learn to devote ourselves generously and put greediness away. Above all, when there is a question of fulfilling certain obligations of our state or position, by which we do good to our fellow men.

Let us learn to be always cheerful although our work is distasteful to us or is overwhelming us. After having worked hard, let us take care not to recall in conversation the pains we have taken, the fatigue that we have imposed to ourselves for it will please everyone; God, fellow humans and our own heart.

Good Manners Make You Loved

A group of college students boldly laughed at their professor and at a boy who's passing by. What kind of students are they? They even wanted to be considered mature and they wanted to be treated well. Those kinds of students have no discipline and good manners. They're supposed to be an example to others because they're educated and they know what good morals are? Application of good manners was not being applied. Their characters are uneducated and it's useless. But a person who has good manners and takes them wherever he goes - at home, at work, at social gatherings is always a man of virtue. He will find it very easy to make and to keep many friends. Everyone loves to associate with a well-mannered person.

It is not one's talent or ability or family's position in the social scale that makes us lovable and popular. Well-mannered person are those who are kind, friendly, respectful, courteous, agreeable, patient, civil and generous.

So, do you have at least one of these characteristics of a well-mannered person? We better examine ourselves first and apply these manners to have a good relationship to others.

Your Baby’s Naptime

Some baby is not napping very well during their first few months they born. You may need to make a try to cut back on the moment she is awake by 15 minute increments. If your baby is getting over stimulated, then she will fight sleep and be hard to get to sleep. The way to avoid this is to observe him “sleepy” cues to make sure that you lay her down when he is beginning to get sleepy.

Some parents consider that letting their youngster cry will spoil him or her. 15 or 20 minutes of crying will not harm your child physically or mentally. Babies will learn to self-soothe and fall asleep by their own, but only if you let her. It is very important that babies will find out to fall asleep by their own so that they know how to self-soothe if they awake during nighttime. Otherwise, you may have a kid that will not sleep through the night for years.

Love Yourself

How improving health habits can help.

Every gym has this guy - you know, the guy staring intensely at his reflection in the mirror as he curls the olympic bar with 45 pound plates on both ends. You are impressed for a second, until you see how skinny his legs are, how much he is straining his lower back, and how flabby his chest looks (not to mention the orange skin and bleach-blonde hair). What can you learn from this image? That fitness is about loving yourself, and loving yourself is about overall health, not just narcissism and big guns. 

There are six major components of fitness: strength, agility, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, power, and muscle endurance. In order to really love your body and actually feel good from hitting weights at the gym, you need to have the flexibility to work the weights through the full range of motion without straining your muscles. Without the proper cardiovascular, agility, and power fitness levels, you may end up sitting on the weight bench more than you are actually performing those power cleans. The bottom line is that, unlike Mr. Biceps above, real fitness revolves around balancing these components of fitness. Loving your body involves balancing fitness needs, such as power and flexibility. 

There are two key aspects to maintaining requisite fitness levels for all components. First, a healthy diet is necessary. This does not mean that you eat 500 grams of protein a day (hint hint Mr. Biceps), but rather, that you eat fresh, raw foods, Again, balance is the name of the game, and a proper balance will require nutrients not found in steak, e.g., folic acid in spinach (Pop-Eye notwithstanding).

Second, a fitness guru who loves themself will know themselves; an athlete that has a healthy sports mindset, i.e., I want to exercise in order to feel good, and will not attempt a 315 pound bench press in order to feel macho or impress everyone watching. An athlete who loves themself will be satisfied with repping around %80 percent of their body weight, 3 sets of 10 (and they will look and feel better as a result).