What is a Ghost Writer in the World of Blogging

Nowadays, ghost writing/blogging is very popular as the blogger around the world exist. Ghost writer is usually hired by a blogger/writer to do some article and pay or share in what they are receiving to their direct advertiser. Usually new bloggers doesn’t have an advertiser that can give them task. Some blogger are hiring a ghost writer if they know that they cannot meet their deadline. Ghost writing has an advantage and disadvantage which we can’t deny. Here’s some of it.

Advantage of Ghost Writer/ Blogger in the World of Blogging

You Gain Experience – While doing ghost writing job, you will gain experience and learn a lot. This is more advantageous to new blogger or writer. You don’t need to be professional like ghost writer of politician, celebrity or a like.

You Earn – You can earn even you are a beginner and non-professional blogger or writer.

You received payment immediately – Usually once you submit your article and approved you will receive your payment immediately for less than 24 hours.

Referrals for a Job – once a blogger like you, usually they will refer you to their blogger friends or for best to their direct advertiser.

From then, you will start to get you own advertiser and start to receive good pay or hire a ghost writer too.

Disadvantage of Ghost Writer/ Blogger in the World of Blogging

If you are a ghost writer in the world of blogging here are some disadvantages you will face.

You didn’t own the article once you submit – Yes! This is the sad story of it, you are not the owner of your article nor any credit for your job.

Received Less Pay – Once you are hired as a ghost writer you will receive less pay than the one who hired you.

Deadline is ASAP – ghost writing is not so easy job, as your deadline is always ASAP. As the blogger who hire you will also need to review your article before they will post and submit it to their client.

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