3 Days Trip to KL

It's a great week since my brother came here to visit us here in KL. He enjoy every place we been visiting. In his first day right after he came to the apartment we don't waste time and we start our trip. First we have been to Putrajaya. We take KLIA Transit from KL sentral Station to Putrajaya Station. Then we take a cab which is a 2 hours package tour which cost us 75RM. We roam around the Putrajaya and my brother started to amaze to what the Malaysia did to this place. It looks like you are not in Malaysia though.

at Putrajaya and Cyberjaya Station

Putrajaya Bridge

Putrajaya View from Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)
Then go back to KL Sentral and we head to Petronas Twin Tower after we had a dinner at Kenny Rogers. When we are there at KLCC, my brother is keep posing to take him some picture to this tallest twin tower in the world. He really wants to see this tower. After that we went back home to get some rest as my brother is tired from a three and half air travel from Philippines to KL.

Petronas at nigth with moon

In the next day, we went to Zoo Negara (National Zoo). I can’t compare the zoo here in KL to Manila zoo or Wild life in Philippines. The zoo here in Malaysia is more interesting and quite good as we have in the Philippines. It is sad to say that but it’s true.

Zoo Negara/ National Zoo
After that we go back again to KL Sentral to take a bus going to Genting Highlands. We ride at the cable car and before we reach the top, the fog is getting stronger as the visibility becomes zero. We did not take longer as just want to ride the cable car, which my brother really enjoy this ride. He takes videos from his cellphone from the start to end which takes about 15minutes.

Bus Going to Genting Highlands
Cable car at Genting

We go back to KL sentral and take train going to Pasar Seni Station and went to Sentral Market and China Town to go on shopping and buy some souvenirs.
Shopping at Sentral Market

Shopping at China town

The next day, he went to Mid Valley megamall alone, as I need to go to office in that day. I just pick him up to go back to the apartment. The time is so fast and he needs to go back in Philippines in the next day. I hope he will come back again with a little bit longer.

My big brother and baby Zoe

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