10 Health Tips for a Better You

What to do for a better you.

1. Drink filtered water. You would not believe the kinds of things that are present in tap water. After the delicious taste of filtered water, and the way you will feel as a result, you will rue those times where you are stuck with water from the tap. 

2. Find something you truly love to do. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - and an unhealthy one. 

3. Exercise regularly, as if your life depended on it (because it does). One of the first steps to a healthier you is to create, and stick to, a regular exercise routine. Everyone's body is at a different stage of athletic ability, but there is an exercise for anyone, no matter what age you are. 

4. Do not sacrifice a regular sleep schedule. Sleep allows your body to recover, and your brain to flush out all of the cluttered thoughts that have accumulated during the day. 

5. Take care of yourself. Whether this is through a spa day or therapy sessions to "talk it out," everyone needs time to decompress. 

6. Keep an active mind. Whether through playing games or reading, engaging your mind will serve your mental health especially well when you start to reach older ages. 

7. Eat good food. You are what you eat - literally. If you eat fast-foods and butter all the time, you will not feel very good. A proper balance of carbs, proteins, fruits and vegetables, and fats is the best way to kick start personal health or satisfy your recreational sports program

8. Fresh air. Do not underestimate the power of a beautiful afternoon walk in a scenic park. It can relax, and provide some exercise. 

9. Get proper nutrition. Mother was right: take your vitamins. 

10. Healthy social engagement. Everyone needs a friend, and you will soon lose interest in just about everything if you do not have the opportunity to share life with someone you like and care about. 

Adgitize is Closing?

I am about to do my round adgitizing when I saw Mr. Ken Brown's post in the forum entitled Adgitize to Close. I am quiet sad as adgitize has a big part on helping bloggers like me to generate traffic and make a new friends from adgitize.

It seems the owner has made the final decision and willing to pay all the remaining money and reimbursed all the existing advertiser's that expire later than January 1, 2012.

Thank you and good luck Mr. Ken Brown.

Celebrating Christmas in KL Again

This is my second time to celebrate Christmas here in KL. But it’s not the same feeling as my first Christmas here in Malaysia. The reason why is last Christmas I celebrated it together with my wife and my new born son. My mom also came to help us to take good care of my new born son and celebrate Christmas with us too.  This is one of my happiest moments in my life, though my father and my siblings are not with us.

Christmas 2010 with my family

Unlike this Christmas, I celebrated it without my family around. Though I am still blessed I have a lot of invites coming from my friends here in KL. So, I celebrated my Noche Buena with friends. Thanks to them as they make my Christmas special though I am still sad looking them together with their kids.

Christmas 2011 - Our Noche Buena

Christmas 2011 - Celebrating with my Friends

Christmas 2011 - With my friends

Modern technology was a big help to lessen my home sick as I can talk to my wife and see them celebrating Christmas using internet. I saw my son playing around and happy to open his gifts. Without the web chat and video call maybe I am crying out loud now. This is one of the burdens of an OFW working abroad that need to face it. We need to sacrifice for our family and for a better future.

Christmas here in Malaysia is quite simple since this is a muslim country unlike Christmas in Philippines which is mostly Christians. It’s up to us now how we celebrate it together with your friends and family and make it special.  

Merry Christmas to All!! God bless us!!

Healthy is the New Wealthy

Tips for feeling great and enjoying a long-lasting life through healthy eating and exercises.

Doctors, sports professionals, and nutrition experts agree that a longer living, healthier you is a wealthier you. Despite widespread knowledge that certain types of foods are not healthy and eventually cost you a lot of money, obesity rates continue to be on the rise in America. Do not become part of the trend! By creating a lifestyle involving a healthy diet and regular exercise, and you will feel great. Feeling great will lead to more confidence, which leads to more success, which leads to a happier you. Sounds like a good idea, but how do you get started?

First, get the essentials. Invest in a home water filtration system. Although our tap water system is one of the better ones in the world, there are still relatively high levels of impurities that can make you feel tired and sick. Another essential to health that is often sacrificed is sleep. Most adults need at least eight hours of sleep, but some people need more than eight hours.

Second, start a healthy exercise routine. The hardest part is starting, but once in the habit, you will wonder how you ever lived without that natural endorphine boost. Sports medicine professionals recommend that when you first start, take it slow. Listen to your body and make sure that the pain you are feeling is only the normal aches that come with starting an exercise routine. Make sure to invest in a quality whey protein, and make a tasty fruit smoothie at least a half hour after working out. Doing so will help prevent your muscles from entering a catabolic state and will allow your muscles to be more rested for the next day's work out. Sleep is also paramount to proper muscle recovery.

Finally, make sure your diet is balanced, i.e., low in sugars and saturated fats with enough fruits and vegetables. Nutrients, such as B and D vitamins, fiber, and potassium will also boost your mental and physical health. Eating less is not always eating more either, especially if you are exercising daily; what matters most is when you eat. A large, balanced and healthy breakfast will do more wonders than eating less than 1500 calories per day ever will.

If successfully incorporating these methods into your daily life, you will be well on your way to a healthier - and ultimately wealthier - you. 

Best Shooting Park in KL

Are you looking for a best shooting location in KL? Well, my group KL Pinoy Photography Group is usually took our shooting place at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa Park. Why Titiwangsa Park? It is because these parks are free of charge :). Unlike parks in Philippines, you need to get your permit and pay for a fee which make me think why we need to pay for it? You can take photos whatever and wherever you want in this place. I mean, you can take a model shoot, prenup or for family shoots will do. You can also take the skyline of KL together with Petronas twin tower and Menara KL. 

KL view from Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
You can also bring your family to enjoy the place. I usually bring my wife and son here and let them play in the playground and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. You can also take some food at mamak stalls, picnic tables and good comfort room are available for your convenience.

Playground at Titiwangsa Park
Taman Tasik Titiwangsa park is where John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonso took some short film in KL, Malaysia on their famous movie in entitled “Miss you like crazy”. Petronas twin tower as their background to promote the popular icon of Malaysia, the tallest twin tower in the world.

Is it safe to shoot in Titiwangsa? For my 2 years stay here in KL and shooting our events in this park we don’t encounter such thing like theft or burglar. I think yes, it is safe to shoot here but still you need to keep your eye in your stuff especially our gadgets are not that cheap. I also saw a lot of prenuptial shooting held in this place. So if you shoot here expect that you will not be alone.

Why should give help for Sendong’s victims in Mindanao?

My home country now is in mourned due to Typhoon Sendong that hits the Southern part of the Philippines last Friday, December 17, 2011. Thousands of people died in a flashfloods and hundreds are still missing in the city of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. Why should give help for Sendong’s victims in Mindanao? Actually we don't need to ask why just share and send some help for all the victims. This is for the family who is homeless and lost their possessions during the typhoon Sendong. Let’s share our love to the victims by send donations like old clothes, canned goods and toiletries. Many agencies are accepting donation in any kind like LBC, ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya, GMA Kapuso Foundation and Red Cross, Philippines.

Most importantly let us offer our prayer for the victims and to the family who lost their love ones.

Junk Food Affects Your Sperm

In my teenage years, one of my hobbies is to eat junk foods and eat in food chain that I find it now unhealthy. This junk foods also effects our health and without knowing our sperm also affected by this unhealthy food. These studies from Harvard they found out that some healthy young men who like to eat junk food are putting their fertility in danger and those who have ate foods high in cholesterol and fats like deep fried and processed foods are the worst.

They compare the men with healthy weight and exercised regularly. Doctors said the sperm of a healthy person was likely to survive to fertilize an egg. And men who love to eat vegetables, fruits and fish produced the best quality sperm.

This is simply reminds us that don’t eat junk and processed food for a better and healthy life.

Treating Others with a Cheerful Heart

How do you treat your neighbours?

Surely, we desire to make others happy but unfortunately, some of us aren’t conscious about others. We just don’t even care about them. All we care is only ourselves which is not acceptable. Even some kids have treated their parents harshly and without respect. Is shouldn’t be like that. We should treat them well.

We need to receive kindly and amiably all who comes to us, whatever be their age and condition. Never cause anyone to go away from you pained or troubled instead bear yourself so that your visitors may depart happier and fuller of good will. Show kindness and respect particularly to the old. Listen with patience to the complaints and their stories told over and over again. And let's have more patience with the sick with usually are discontented and sensitive.

Don't be so strict as to what we call your rights. Other people have rights too. To be bent on always having your way is to be bent on introducing misunderstanding and disagreement, is to make yourself unhappy of your own free will.

Never ridicule anyone. To ridicule for a real defect is uncharitable. To do so for a supposed defect or one for which the person is not responsible, is unjust.

Therefore, treat others with a cheerful heart in order for you to have a peaceful life.


We should never expect more than they can give.

Most of us are not satisfied and contented of what we have. We want to have things that are popular and latest. We even drag our parents in order for us to own that kind of things without even considering and realizing the situation whether they can afford it or not. Too ambitious of material things could ruin us. We should be contented and never expect more.

Likewise, we must not seek for perfect love, perfect friendship, perfect peace and perfect dedication on this earth because perfection doesn't exist down here. It is useless to take a light and go looking for it and to be sorry not to find it. So also, it is useless to torment our neighbour when despite his good will he cannot perform miracles. But there's always a bright to everything. We ought to be satisfied with it and in practice in adopting the theory of the relativity of all things.

To be demanding is to be egoistic and proud because it means we want everything for ourselves and it isn't good. Let’s be contented and try to give some importance of what we have.

Tips of Losing Weight Naturally

There are lots of ways of losing weight and sometimes it makes me confused what is the right thing to do. As a beginner of trying to lose my weight it’s really hard if you have a lot of reference but they are contradict from each other. So in that case I need to decide for myself on what to do and who will I follow.

After reading a lot of articles, here are the best simple tips that may help us through our journey into a healthy living life.

1. Have an enough sleep for about 8 hours a day. Getting enough sleep can help us to make healthier. This could give us strength in our daily activities and if we need to exercise for that day. Just imagine if you try to exercise without enough sleep, this could make us lazy to do exercise.

2. Have a proper diet and exercise. This is the common tips after I had read a lot of articles in books and newspaper. Proper diet includes eating fruits and vegetables and drinking of 8 glass of water a day. Balance diet is very important. You don’t need to starve yourself because it will not help you to achieve your goal.

3. Think positive. You will not be fit and have a good shape in a very short time. Three months maybe you will see some changes but not the really shape you want. But sometimes, some people take this as a failure. They want a result go fast and the tendency they will go back to their old lifestyle. They don’t take it as an inspiration to continue as they think very negatively. That’s make their goal a failure.

This are the simple ways to lose weight naturally and it is also important that to love what you are doing. Be sincere to achieve your goal.

I hope I can do this also in my healthy living journey.

Relaxing While Working

We cannot be always working. As a normal person, we must have rest and need to relax for some time. Relaxation is not exclusively for our body, our mind and soul requires it as well.

Work is stimulating. Fatigue is a normal body signal. But over-fatigue is senseless and should be avoided. It could possibly lower one's ability to work efficiently. A short period of rest while performing a monotonous or lengthy task helps the body to get rid of the waste products through skin and lungs.

Often, one plans to do a full days of work and then to have rest period, but this is not the best plan because it takes the body so long to reach the point of relaxation. The human machine cannot remain at the same occupation 24 hours a day. So, cultivate the right attitude towards relaxation. A better method is to introduce short periods during the performance of the task. These short periods may be change of work such as writing a note, recording expenses or chatting with your colleagues. Also, the one way to relax is to get free content for your websites from Article Writing Services rather than working on them for hours. Regulate the amount of work tackled in an hour or a day. This means we should be conscious of how much time it takes us to do a job and how much we can accomplish without losing our good disposition at the end of the day.

Therefore, learn to relax as you work.

Welcome to Healthy Living

I am started this blog for my venture on my healthy living journey. In the past years I don't care about my health and even eat what I want. But now since I started to have a new family I want to change my life style into a healthy life for my family especially for my wife and son.

I know that this is not easy task to have a healthy living since I love to eat unhealthy foods. I am lazy to exercise everyday that is why I am overweight.

Try Not to Worry

Of all human habits, worry is the most extravagant. It costs more than any other and yields nothing useful or pleasurable. It is too expensive. We can't afford it and it's so foolish. If the thing that occasions it cannot be helped, the worry is unavailing. If it can be helped, worry deprives one of the power and intelligence necessary to remedy the thing. We cannot expect to live without anxiety but we can learn to put it to our own good use.

To struggle with our own environment is part of our heritage, a part of the complex adventure of being human. Man has to pay the price of fear and worry in order to be human. Our susceptibility to anxiety is the soil of our human growth "says Joshua Liebman.

No one can dodge feelings of anxiety but in living with them. We can learn a kind of wisdom that will lessen our burden. A psychology degree online may be of interest to you if you like to learn about topics like this. Do not add to your real worries by piling on false ones. Trifles can often obsess us and blot our thinking. It is not the big problem that defeats us but the scab of little thoughts and fears. Do not add to your present worries the burden of the past or the future.

If the thought, time and energy wasted in futile anxiety, were directed towards correcting or improving the condition that cause it. Useless worry would disappear in itself.

Generally, don’t think too much.

1 Day Trip to KL

Last weekends, my sister came to visit here in KL. This is her second time to travel and visit me here in Malaysia. Last time it was a short visit as she came from Philippines to Singapore and Singapore to Malaysia. Now, I insist that she have to come by here for a long time so she will enjoy and I can guide her as many good place to visit here. Along with her two girl friends from Singapore we explore KL and enjoy the one day trip as they are going back to Singapore in the same day.

At first, we went to Berjaya Time Square to book and get a ticket going to Singapore (Star Mart busliner). Then we come by at the Batu Caves. Batu Caves is one of the popular places to visit here in Malaysia. At first we are hesitate to go up as it look to high and maybe we get tired to climb there. But since we want to experience it we go up but I think we pause in every two landings and took some rest. But in the middle of our journey, one of my sister’s friends doesn’t want to continue going up. But later on she decide to come along, she actually afraid of the monkeys might harm her. And about 15 minutes finally we are on the top. By the way, I count the total number of steps of the stairs and it is about 272 steps.  

Hope of Our Nation

Jose Rizal once said “The youth is the hope of our nation” (Ang Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan). Is this really happening now? Youth today was exposed to all kinds of information in the help of high technology like internet. Social media also has a big impact for our youth today. They know many things that are not right and see how to abuse the power in the country.

We really need help to guide our youth in their physical, mental and spiritual life. Maybe parents should be more involved in the lives of their children. Teacher should guide and teach their students on how important moral values and good ethics. Even a lot of young people are taking classes from online universities now a days. Authority needs to be a role model as youth today do what they saw and thinking that what they see in their eyes is right. If not, it will be useless to tell them to do your words without practising with ourselves.

Being Away from Family

I am working as an expat here in KL, far away from my family. I know nobody wants to be apart and be separated from their love ones. But for some reasons, sometimes it is necessary and we couldn't avoid the on-going situations. Economic crisis has the biggest impact and is one but a major reason of making people decide the hardest part of life, of being away from our family. Also, we decide to work abroad for the future of our child and to have a better life.

When we are away from our family, sometimes we will test us how strong we are in handling these situations. It’s like an adventure which needs inspiration, strength, trust, perseverance and determination. If you have these characteristics, then you’ll be able to overcome and you can pass all the temptations, trials and hindrances ahead as they must come on their way. Temptations are everywhere and no one is exempted. Don’t be tempted to this thing. These could cause you troubles and a massive damage in your relationship. Thinking all the possibilities and consequences that might happen and you’ll surprisingly realize of not falling from any temptations.

In this real world, most people have been fallen to such things even if there not away from their partners. How much more to those who are away from their family. I can say it’s really worst.

Try to focus yourself and aiming your goal why you're away from your partners and family. Understand the relativity of things and having those characteristics would surely help you to have a healthy and harmonious relationship with your partner. Communication is also important thing to ease the loneliness we felt.  Of course don’t forget to pray always for this is the key to success.

Just remember this song:

"Even though you're far apart, you're right beside me in my heart.
"Even though you're far away, you're right beside me day by day"

Are you a Judge or Something?

Don’t judge so you won’t be judge.

Sometimes we are too severe in judging others. It is easy for us to say bad things and worst words to others because we hate them or we don’t like that person. People would probably back-stab you when you're away but they're busy admiring you while you're in front of them. Once you're gone, don’t expect them to be still nice to you. They're just using their hypocrite attitude. This kind of people doesn't even ask and sees their selves in front of a mirror because they don’t even recognize who they really are. They are too good in condemning others.

Even if you have an online law degree or are a judge by profession, you should not judge people. We should never forget that we are too much exposed to temptations that we ourselves can become guilty of the very same faults we condemn in others. And when we judge in others mistake which we ourselves have committed a sin, and our blame is even greater.

We shall be able to do much good instead of judging and condemning others. A fruitful and happy life awaits us if we just be kind to others and not to judge them.

Thank You, Because of You

Inspiring others reflects individual’s attitude, morality and good virtue.

Considering as an inspiration to others is such pleasure and honour for they have seen your potentials and capabilities of being a good example to them. As the popular line says “we cannot impress everybody". But I would say, we can continue doing good things to show them that we care.

Because of our parents, literally, we were born to this earth, have a good life, able to have things that we wanted, able to teach us about good morals, self-discipline etc. They have taught us a lot of lessons for us to be a good one.

Because of our true friends, we have learned how to choose real good friends, forgive, be considerate, be fair and know who to trust. They have helped us to be more matured, more to ourselves and more the person we intended to be.

Because of our neighbors, we have learned how to respect others, being aware of what's happening to our surroundings and know how to care for others as well.

Most of all, because of God, we are being saved from the bondage of sin through His crucifixion. He has given us the opportunity to do everything right to be worthy in His presence and continue to serve Him until the end of time.

Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I come

I am one of the thousand bloggers around Asia-Pacific who wish to win for the exclusive invite for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.

I have a lot of reasons why I want to attend this event but here are my top 3 on the list.

1. First Year, First Time. This is my first year in the world of blogging. If I have given a chance to win this invitation this could be my first time to attend a blogging event. It is not just an event it is an International events that happen once every year only. Just imagine how big this event which is truly worth the prize.

2. To Share and To Learn. Since this event will cater bloggers from different Asian countries I can meet new blogger friends and we can share our different stories and experiences. Maybe I can learn from them and motivates me more to blog.

3. Support. I want to attend to support fellow bloggers in this Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011. This event is to honour the best of the best bloggers around Asian-Pacific and I want to support them personally.

If I won this contest, ticket going to Malaysia would not be my problem anymore since I am working now here in Kuala Lumpur.

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

Celebrating Deepavali in KL

This is my second time to celebrate a Deepavali or also known as Depawali / Dewali here in KL. My Indian colleagues always invited me to their home and celebrate it with his family. Since Deepavali here in Malaysia is a national holiday which fall every 26 of October every year,  I can join them and I want to observe how they celebrate the Deepavali. I think Deepavali is celebrated like how we celebrate Christmas.

Deepavali Festival is one of the most important feasts for Hindus. It is also known as Festival of Lights which is the celebration of victory of good over the evil.
Deepavali Lanterns from wikipedia.

I ask my Indian friend what was Deepavali or Dewali means to him. This is what he says Deepavali means a lot to me and I enjoy this festival the most of my childhood days. It’s like a festival of sweets as we prepare and eat different varieties of Indian sweets. Wearing new clothes and fresh new look to our home as we clean it and put a new curtains and new bed sheets. We have also sharing gifts. We buy gold, silver, or steel as this is best time to buy those things.”

Happy DEEPAVALI to all!!

Finding our way again: Book Review

This is my first time for a book review. Entitled “Finding our way again” by Brian Mclaren. I find it interesting that is why I request it from booksneeze.
After reading “Finding our way again” realized me that I need a constant change to desire for a deeper devotion to God. Maybe I am one of those Christian that practices an old and traditional prayer. In this book, we will teach us to have a spiritual discipline and go back to Abraham’s time and transform us to spiritual sojourn.
In the first chapter,  Mclaren discuss the purpose of this book as  Jesus followers we need to rediscover our faith as a way of life. He shares a lot of experiences for us to inspire and overview the spiritual practices of the believers of Jesus Christ.
Sometimes, we Christians are experimenting and very eager to discover a new way how to follow Christ. But I learned in this book that there is no need to discover a new way of following Christ but instead just follow Jesus Christ.
I definitely get the other book and continue reading the other 6 series of Mclaren. 

Learning Bahasa Melayu to Tagalog and English Part 2

After my article about Learning Bahasa Melayu to Tagalog and English I can say that I am more interested now to study their language and learn it. Maybe it could help me more to communicate with local people here in Malaysia.

Now in this part of translation is another basic word. Basic is very important to us to learn. All of us went through in the basic way before jumping on the advance words right?

Here we go…

Bahasa    Melayu
terimah kasih
Thank You

Do you find it hard? I hope not! For me it quite easy as some few words are sounds like of the Tagalog words. Like masuk – pasok. And some words are also used in southern part of the Philippines, like the word Sini and Ini. 


The awaited Philippine Construction Event 2011 will be open on November 9 to 12, 2011 at SMX Convention Center Manila, Philippines. This is the 21st Philippine international construction equipment, building materials exhibition and technology forum.

This is an invitation for Architects, engineers, consultant, contractors, developers and students are also welcome to join the event.

Truthful and Honest

Truth is the most powerful weapon in the world and this world very much needs honest people. But unfortunately, nowadays truth is far from its existence. Lies and liars are the rulers in this evil world that were living in. This could be a happy and a peaceful world if the truth rules over lies in this present time. Some says that there's no justice for the poor. It gets harder and harder to think that people live with much lies. Realizing all these things that justice is not being served fairly, makes us more aggressive to ask ourselves how evil the world is.

Far too many have the very false notion that being honest is out of style and it is the same as being a simpleton or a foolish person. So, it follows that the truthful person becomes rather the exception. Fortunately however, this is not the opinion of those who respect charity and justice.

Those who think they can be justified in lying when it's to their favor are plain cowards; right is right even if the whole world is wrong and wrong is wrong even if the whole world is right. If you spent as much time being honest about what's not right in your life as you do covering it up, you'd have a lot more energy for what is right in your life.

Therefore, if you are true to yourself then you can't help being true to God. Truth is to know yourself and to know God. While you live, tell the truth and shame the evil for the greatest homage you can pay to truth is to use it.

Learning Bahasa Melayu to Tagalog and English

Since I am working in a foreign land of Malaysia, learning their language, culture and belief was the first thing that came in my mind. I need to know it as part of my adopting survival and working here in their country.  Now, in my two years here I can say that I almost adopt their culture and little by little I learn some words of Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu.

How to Accept Failure?

There are so many times in my life that I feel that I failed, especially in my career and in my career path. Thanks to my family that keeps motivating me to go on.

Failure is a state of having failed to attain an object, becoming insolvent or failing to achieve success.How are we going to deal with failure?

2011-2012 Philippine Cup Games Schedule and Results

Elimination Round

October 02, 2011 6:00PM
Rain or Shine Elasto Painters vs Brgy. Ginebra Kings
Smart-Araneta Coliseum


October 05, 2011 5:30PM
Shopinas.com Clickers vs Powerade Tigers
Cuneta Astrodome


PBA Philippine Cup 2011-2012 Line up

For those who are basketball fanatic especially for our own Philippine League PBA, here's  the  PBA Philippine Cup 2011-2012 Line Team Line up!

When is the Right Time to get Married?

Last week, my college friends get married with her long time girlfriend for about 10 years. Yes, 10 years in the making. They are stable enough physically, financially, spiritually and with the right age to get married. Actually, there are no rules or law to get married for a young age but it is important that you are matured enough to face it. Sometimes people who get married for a young age didn’t realize the depth and beauty of parenthood until they experienced it.

"So, when is the right time to get married?"

For me, getting married is not only a physical operation, but also and above all, a spiritual one. We are looking forward to being with our loved-one completely and to sharing every little detail of our life. But we need to be more mature enough, of being capable of handling various kinds of situations well, doing one's responsibility as a partner and above all, fear of God. In the same way, it’s already a clear and expected situation that there will be problems, trials, annoyances and difficulties ahead that needs to be solved. The vocation of marriage is a full-time job. There will be no excuse for everything. So, if you think you’re not capable of doing these, stop thinking of getting married for the sake of everybody.

To enter marriage with the right attitude is also important. It shouldn’t be a case of marriage versus career or a marriage and a career but it is the case of marriage as a career. And at the same time, it is the fullest, most satisfying and most rewarding career of ally.

Why, oh why?

Every day we eat, drink, talk, hear a voice, and see every single thing. And one time I ask myself why do we need to eat? Why do we speak? Why do we need to hear? And why do we see? We usually consider these questions as the simplest question to answer but these would help us to understand more if we know the importance of it.

We eat to live not to satisfy the whims of a fanciful taste. Therefore, eat to live and not live to eat.

We have speech for a beautiful purpose, to be able to say noble words. Why degrade such a wonderful gift by vulgar and rubbish words? We should control our tongue to utter words because one word can change a situation.

We hear to be able to appreciate all the most amazing harmonies the world holds, the music of the breeze, and the song of the birds and the verbal teaching of God. Hear these and not what is low and vile.

We see in order to acknowledge the Master who creates the beauty of the woods and fields, the harmony of sky and waves, the blending of night and day etc.

Most of us had fallen into wrong perceptions about this matter. We must be cautious in understanding things. Needless to say, with such a glorious privilege, see nothing that could offend to our Creator. Learn to appreciate things.

A Place Like Home

Home describes and represents everything. It is the place where characters are frequently shows its repellent side, its defects and deficiencies. It is the refuge of the worn, the weary and the aged. It is the place where the many physical needs and ills of the human body most frequently come to the front and these things do not make for amiability.

It is also a place where in our parents nurtured us to have good values that kindness and patience, gentleness and charity are most in demand and should be most practiced by consideration for others, readiness to make allowances, showiness to see faults and take offense and willingness to overlook an excuse.

What is it that secures happiness in a home?

Let God's spirit be with the whole house to have a harmonious relationship with each family member. Having the spirit of sacrifice is important as well. We must give up our own personal tastes to conform to the tastes of others. Flexibility of character is valuable. We shouldn’t be hard to deal with, touchy or even proud. Not to grow impatient about things but to have a large mind and a generous heart.

Few things are more essential to the peace and happiness of the home. It is the spirit of give and take. It plays an important part of our daily life that without it the other home virtues cannot flourish in the family circle.

Be Cool

Isn't it that hard to just be cool all the time?

I would say, it is the hardest part to pretend to be cool even if the situation is not. Trying too hard to be fine and struggling to manage our emotions to just calm down is just a test how we can handle our temper. Only few of us can have this coolness attitude in their blood. They can make people laugh and comfortable because they have the guts to control and manage their emotions for the sake of others and for themselves as well. But most of us lose our coolness especially when there's a lot of disturbances or people making noise near us, call us over and over and even interrupt us ten or twenty times while we're engaged about something important. It seems as if everybody makes a point to distract us. What can be more annoying than this? Well, for the love of God, remain calm and don’t forget to smile. It is hard but I know we could keep our coolness if we are keen to do it.

Likewise, take courage and keep up a fair appearance. This in itself is a great point. Force yourself to answer gently to those who interrupt you, to wait patiently at the end of a stupid conversation, put a smile on your face and have a kind word to everyone.

Nokia: My Inheritance

My college days were the blossom of high tech generation, where beepers are phase out and here comes the cellular phone. During that time, a cellular phone was actually a status symbol. You were cool if you get hold of your own cellular phone and you even get famous for having the latest model of cell phone in town. I don’t belong to a rich family, so as a student I cannot afford to buy even the old model of Nokia phones. But despite of being a student, I am lucky enough to get hold of a cellular phone. I had my very first cellular phone when I was second Year College. So how did I get it? As mentioned earlier, I cannot afford to buy even the cheapest phone. My first cellular phone Nokia 5110 was actually a hand me down phone from my sister who had just bought her new Nokia 3210. Of course I’ve got big smile over my face the moment I received it. I was so happy to become a Nokia cellular phone owner. Though it was second hand, who cares? At least I have my phone. Well I think that’s one advantage of having an older sibling who is generous.

Few months later, my sister changed her phone again, and for the second time, she pass to me her old Nokia 3210. I then pass my still reliable and very much in good shape Nokia 5110 to my niece. Again, big smiles and happiness filled me with the thought of “Though I can’t really afford to buy those phones, I was still updated with the latest cellular phones”. Perhaps, that’s one benefit of being the youngest among eight siblings. 

My Nokia 3210 phone was a witness of my ups and downs during college days. He was part of the sleepless nights working out to finish my plates and group projects. We have also shared those fun moments I had with my classmates and friends. And even had a glimpse of how happy I am when I had my very first girl friend and until I reached my final college years my Nokia 3210 was still there for me. He then remind me of my best buddy; always there thru thick and thin.

And then, graduation day came. Finally after five years I will be holding of my diploma. It was really a momentous event in my life. One of my dreams was fulfilled and so I was filled with joy. But I didn’t know that somewhere in the middle of that joyous event, I will have to say goodbye to someone who has been faithful to me; my Nokia 3210. I had to say bye bye because I’ve got new Nokia 3660. As usual, it came from my sister but this time it was brand new. That was her graduation gift to me. Wow! That was so generous. That was my very first colored cellular phone and just like my Nokia 3210, the brand new Nokia 3660 became a part of my life for more than three years.

After inheriting couple of Nokia phones, I was glad to finally buy a brand new Nokia 5310: Music Express out of my own money. My new companion was one of the fruits of working hard overseas. Though not the expensive ones, it was my favorite since I bought it with my own money and that was the most high tech phone I ever had. Just like my previous Nokia Phones, we had shared happy and sad memories along the way. This time, he witnessed my life overseas. He knew how I stumble being away with my loved ones. How I get confused with the culture and how I embraced it. He knew how I struggle in communicating to foreigners during my early days abroad. He knew how I work hard for my loved ones and he also learned how hard it is working in a foreign land. He was also able to witness the romantic side of my life. He know how nervous I was, when I proposed to my girl friend in front of our church congregation and instantly know how happy I was when she said yes. And in the most important event in my life, he heard and witnessed our exchange of vows; to live a life bounded with our love and together as one, woven with God.

Nokia 5310 was there thru thick and thin, thru sweetness and bitterness until he said goodbye to me. My Nokia 5310 was actually one of the typhoon Ondoy’s victims. I was in the Philippines when that huge flood happens and we were one of the thousand people who were affected by the flood. As we move to higher ground, I didn’t notice that he was actually in my pocket. It was already late when I discover that my faithful companion Nokia 5310 swam inside my pocket and drawn. I tried to revive him but it was too late. There, I had to bid farewell to my favorite companion, my favorite Nokia phone…

My Nokia N73
After he said goodbye, here comes the inheritance again. I inherited not my sister’s phone but this time, my brother’s Nokia N73. It was a little old, which reflects on the physical appearance of the phone, but it was still in good condition and up to now, it’s still serving its purpose very well. At the moment, my reliable Nokia N73 is connecting me to my loved ones in the Philippines. And through this inheritance, I get updated of what is happening with my family back home. I can get important messages thru SMS. Heard the lovely voice of my wife thru overseas calls and saw my son’s cute and big smiles over 3G calls. Nokia phone makes me feel I am close to my family even if I am actually miles away from them. My loneliness vanished because of Nokia Phone. I have to say that Nokia are true to their promise. You are truly connecting people in every part of the world.
This article is my entry to PEBA for Nokia Essay Writing Contest. You can also join here.

Overcoming Fear

Fear is a painful emotion excited by an expectation of evil or apprehension of impending danger, according to the beloved dictionary.

There are several kinds of fear. Fear of God and His laws, fear for the authority or worth and fear of something unusual.

Fear of God, fear for the authority or to our parents indicates our reverence and respect for their goodness towards us. Following rules and regulations and instructions considering the consequences and punishments to those who violates the said instructions is much easier to balance things up. It is more controlled by individuals will to do things correctly. While fear of something unusual like heights, animals etc that makes you uncomfortable when u sees them is much different from the other. This fear shows our emotions clearly that we're really afraid of certain things. We don’t even want to see them or touch them.

Overcoming fear is probably been a part of our life that many of us never know what it is to feel completely at ease. It is never easy doing it. But we have to in order to set ourselves free from that emotion. We just have to condition our nerves, take things easy and you've got to learn to relax. Forget the moment and forget everything. Clear your mind and I’m sure you can do it and feel comfortable and ease. It will be a huge success if u can do it. Try it and you’ll know.

Unconditional Love, Agape Love

Unconditional means complete and absolute. So, the question is Who do you think can give you a complete and absolute love?.

Clarifying the facts of unconditional love is pretty much interesting. "Agape" Love is the only love that has been written and known as the unconditional one and that is God's love to His children and that includes you. Parents love to their children is genuine, real and out-pouring. They loved them with much care and support, protecting them from any harm and willing to sacrifice everything for the good sake of their children. And they deserved to be honored and be appreciated. But only God can give us the love that is the unconditional one that we’ve been looking for. Despite all the sins that we made each day but still, God's love is always there. He never forsakes us. He cares for us, forgives us, protects us, providing us our needs, guides and gives us a good health every day. He even died for us to have an everlasting life. Who else can do these amazing things to us? Only God can do it because He loves us unconditionally.

God is everything and no one can ever compare with His love to each and every one of us because His love never fades and never fails.

Joining the Share a Dream and Win Contest

Hi guys, I just want to share this contest named “share a dream and win” by Roy of Field of Dreams. On August 2, 2011, He will give away a $50 via Paypal to one of his dreamy blog subscribers… maybe it will be you or me.

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Zapp Family in Kl

Zapp family is traveling around the world with 1928 vintage car. They are traveling around the world about 11 years now.

Yesterday, I saw their car parked in our apartment and find it an opportunity to take photos. I rush to our unit to get my camera and take advantage of it. I thought nobody is around but when I am near the car, I saw Mr. Herman who preparing his car for their next destination in Malaysia which according to him they will go to Penang in the next day. He greeted us with my friend and has a short conversation. He tells me that he went to Philippines many times and visits many places in the country. He knows Iloilo, Ilocos, Cebu, some part of Mindanao and of course the popular Boracay.


Two simple little words we like to hear directed towards us, but at the same two little words seem to gag us when we should direct them towards others.

Everyday in our lives we have dozens of opportunities to use these words. These two, hard to say words are simply "Thank You", an appreciation for something good. You can say and hear this at work, at home, school, church etc. Saying "thank you" to someone with sincerity is an out-pouring feeling that even the receiver will proudly say "you are most welcome".

Using Revit

Just sharing about what I do now. Well, actually I design shelter to live. In the past 7 years of my experience I only used autocadd and 3d max software. I can say that Revit is also nice to learn.

Here’s my first ever trial 3d model.

The Reason I Live

Everyone has several reasons why we should continue living in this temporary place of ours. For others, literally it’s because of their family, particularly for their children, wife, husband, parents, siblings and friends. For some reasons, it’s true and also a reliable one. As a human being, we have this fear inside of us that one day we’ll be gone and there’s no way to escape and coming back. Some patients are fighting for their lives in order to live for their family and love ones. But sometimes we have to accept the reality though it’s really hard to admit and accept that it’s really happen.

Spiritually, the top on my list is the everlasting God of all. He’s my reason to live and the reason that I live. I love my family so much but God is my life. He’s the one who gave me air to breath. He gave me the opportunity to live to show the world how amazing His creation are and continue doing His works. God gave us our missions to this world.

Do everything to please God for He is the reason to live…