Petronas Twin Tower

During college days, I always dream that someday I want to see all the great architecture building in the world, since we are studying architecture. Petronas twin tower is one of them. Now my dream came true. We went here for stop over before taking our vacation in Philippines from India. The company provides us accommodation for that day. We saw the twin tower during the day as we want to see some part of KL too. We been in Menara KL, Petaling Street or they called it China town and the Merdeka Square. We visit it for only 6 hours without thinking that we will transfer here again by the company after we finish our work in India.

But for me, nothing beats the beauty of Petronas twin tower at night. For the second time around, we visit it during the
night time. We spent the whole night there and we didn’t go anywhere. It is a nice sight when you are far, but it was better when you are near the area.

Now, I already visit Petronas twin tower a lot of time. But I am still amaze for this building. It is a man’s work that God gives us talent to do so.

How to get there? We’ll this is very popular place, just take a cab and tell the driver Petronas Twin Tower. LOL

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