Keeping Memories

When my wife got pregnant we planned that we were going archive our journey as a family. Even the first pregnancy test of my wife is in my file. We took pictures every wonderful thing. She has maternity photos on her 30 weeks of her pregnancy.

Now, we are planning to take pictures and videos of our baby when my first baby arrived. I read some articles that the child grows very quickly. Maybe every day I take a picture of him. These are memories well worth keeping.
Me and my wife during her 27th weeks of pregnancy.

Check out my wife’s Maternity Photos
Maternity Photos


  1. ...inspiring... :) God bless in your journey with your wife and kids, friend! :)

    Happy Friday!

    By the way, I added you on my blogroll. It would be a pleasure if you add me, too. Thanks!

  2. congratulations! that is one perfect shot!