First Time Parents Tips

This are some useful tips for the first time parents.

Avoid changing the carer – Babies usually begin to show signs of close attachment to one special person and this is usually the mother. It’s not a good time for the baby to introduce a new primary carer without sufficient time to get used to the new person.

Keep the home comforts – Take some items from home to help your child feel comfortable while you are away. Things like comforters, toys, pillows and sheets that smell of home can help the child settle into a strange bed faster.

Be a good example – In many ways you should be a good example to your child. For example, when it comes to road safety, always use right pedestrian or overpass when you cross the road. Some adults do not use it even there is one available. Mostly children think that it was right.

Basic First Aid – In the age of seven, your children can attend some basic first aid training that will help them how to react in emergency situations. This is also a big help for them to be more aware of what could happen and avoid potential accident and danger.

Have fun – Try to make family get-together and traditions child-friendly. This is important if you have the first child of the new generation, where occasions may not be geared to youth. Don’t be afraid to change things to help your child have fun.

At home holiday –It’s easy to get bogged down in the responsibility of life, but it’s important to take time out too. Once a month, declare “at home holiday” for your family when you take time out to be together, play board games, go on outings and share activities.

Enhance holiday or traditions – When your family celebrates holiday or special events, allow your traditions to enhance according to your children want. History is important, but if your children are going to enjoy family occasions, it’s important they feel involved. Get their input when planning and try to incorporate their ideas.

Trust your Instinct – When it comes to deciding on appropriate child care, trust both your instincts and your children’s. If you or they feel uneasy about the person or place, spend more time looking around and don’t feel embarrassed about asking a lot of questions.

Talk to other parents – If you’re unsure about the nursery you’ve chosen for your child, ask them to put you in contact with some of the other parents. If they are reluctant to do this, think again about whether you want your child for be cared for there.

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