First Time Father

First time to be a father is the most exciting event that happens to me. I know I will experience a lot of unexpected situation during my wife’s pregnancy. It’s better for me to relax and stay calm and always remind myself that this is not forever and it will be over soon. A child is a gift from God so I will love and treasure our baby. But I need to be prepared; I know fatherhood is not easy, it is a life changing experience and sacrifices to be made. Parenting is not only in mother or women’s department. This is my learning journey for my family. It’s a lifelong journey.

There are a lot of things that I experience from my wife during her pregnancy. She is experiencing night sickness and not morning sickness. Food craving in different kinds of food, especially fruits. She always feels hot even I am feeling cold in our air-conditioned room. I saw her physical change from the start of her pregnancy. The constipation that makes us worry, we always think that it will affect our baby in her womb. I hope not.

I need to be supportive to my wife during her pregnancy. I know pregnancy is not easy especially when it’s your first time.

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