Finally, seeing quality outerwear hitting the fashion floor again is really great. My friend fashionista run out and picked some luxury Kreio outerwear piece that came from Piacenza cashmere. She amazed me seeing all decked out in KREIO fashion last night. Kreio at Neiman’s who chooses her to pick up all she loves with different colors and different styles. She really loved her KREIO TREO! She never forgot to pick up a ski style. In Kreio outerwear she incredibly looked thinner and sexier as she fits it. Amazing! The Kreio brand is unbelievable; all their outerwear is like a second skin or a woman blazer! Most of the sweaters are insulated too with Thermore! Kreio is very elegant and the cashmere collection for Kreio is more better that the other. The quality of Kreio is the best ever. The Kreio outer fit is the best thing to have it. You will never feel like Michelin man walking down the street anymore. I was little jealous when she was decked out in Kreio style last night in the city. I went to Neiman’s and picked out a Kreio outer piece then!!!

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  1. I love KREIO coats!! It is so cool! My husband bought me a killer rain coat.