Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

Beans and Peas absorb water when being cooked.

Always remember that beans and peas absorb water when being cooked. On average, it will take the one cup of beans or peas into two to three cups when cooked.

Pasta absorbs water.

As beans and peas, pasta also absorbs water when being cooked. It also take the one cup of pasta into two to three cups when cooked.

How to make a perfect slice?

Study shows that using a wet knife will help to get a perfect slice when slicing cake or a boiled egg. So try to practice to use a wet knife before slicing.


Microwaves are a good way of heating foods but not for cooking.

Roast Meat.

After a roast meat is cooked do not serve and carved it right away. Let the roast meat stay in few minutes to allow them to absorb fluids and become juicy.

Affect of metal in vegetables.

The taste of vegetables may affect by using of metal. That is the reason why lettuce should shred by hand and not by knife. The vegetables using a metal knife should be limited to when there is no other way. So never use a metal bowl for salads because of the affects of the metal on vegetables.

Keeping vegetable's fresh.

In keeping vegetables fresh for as long as possible, it is important that they are dry before putting in refrigerator. Washing them once taken out of the fridge and not before putting them will help to avoid spoiling them in short period.

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