New Year, More Travel

Happy new year to all. Now, It's 2011 my new year's resolution is to have a more travel to come. Local and international travel, anywhere as long as it is as adventure travel. Last year, I been a lot of places here in Malaysia and Singapore also. I hope this year an asian tour will be my goal.

Unplanned Visit to Merdeka Square

Yesterday, my mom and I plan to visit china town to buy some souvenirs. She come here in KL to visit us and taking care of my son. Suddenly, the taxi where we are riding stop us near the Merdeka Square. He said there is a problem with his cab. So we decided to walked as the china town is about 10 minutes long from the Merdeka Square. This is a unplanned visit in this place.

As we pass by, my mom told me that this is a nice place. She is thankful that the driver put us down in this area. Actually I did not appreciate the place before, but when roam around I can say that it is also a tourist spot. We take some picture of it. My mom never get tired posing as this is her last weekend that she will stay here in KL. There are a lot of events celebrating in this place.

It's like a Luneta Park in the Philippines.

Baby Zoe's Third Weeks

Baby Zoe’s 3rd weeks on Christmas Eve.

Now on his 3rd weeks baby Zoe celebrate his first Christmas. This is also our first Christmas celebrating with our baby.

This week our baby is a little bit more awake than his 2nd weeks, even he still spend more his time sleeping and eating. The time schedule of his feeding, sleeping, changing nappies is now a bit clearer to us. My wife can even changed diaper with her closed eyes now.

My mom gives him some toys as Christmas presents but he still not interests for it. Maybe he still loves to see our beautiful faces.

We are also enjoying staring with his big eyes and smell the baby milk breath.

Chowkit Market

The Christmas is coming and I have to buy some food to celebrate this with my family. We need to bus fruits, vegetables, meats and other things we need. Since the nearby Mercato supermarket is quite expensive, so I decided to buy in their local market in Chowkit.

Chowkit is one of the best market place here in KL. You can buy everything in a cheap price. It's a wet and dry market. There is  a lot of shopping stall if around it.

It is accesible to buses and near the Chowkit Monorail Station.

Baby Zoe's Second Weeks

Here we goes, my baby is now in his second weeks. What’s new about my newborn baby? Well, in this time he is more demanding for his need of milk. Almost every two (2) hours his mouth looks like he is searching for it. He usually open his mouth and reaching for his milk. His crying is still a way of communication to us. The umbilical cord stump is already fall off on its own.

I notice that he already improves his hearing as he is responsive from the noises we created. He is quite responsive as we talk to him like he heard everything we say. His eyes are blinking as he responds too. Crying is the only communication my baby knows and we communicate him through talking, singing or even dance with him (we don’t need to cry like him to communicate). Our gentle touch to our newborn is also our way in communicating him.

In this week, his grandma is the one who bathe him as she enjoys doing it. We let him do this thing until she go back home in our home country. She gave us advice how to do it correctly and safe. Thanks mom.

When he is asleep, we still enjoying his facial expression. He smile and looks sad sometimes. Here are some of my baby’s stolen shots.
Baby Zoe Smile

Baby Zoe when he is angry, but he still cute.

Baby Zoe's First Week

My baby’s first week is not very stressful for me. We done our two nights with my newborn baby without any problem even it’s our first. I think he will be a good boy when he grows up. My wife says it’s an instinct to us to take care of our child. No need to ask how, just show our unconditional love. My mom came in the third day to support us until the one month of my baby. Eventually she will go back in our home country again after the recovery of my wife. It is a big help since we are working overseas without any relatives to help us. It’s another adjustment for me and my wife when my mom go back home.

In this week, we still were getting to know our baby and start noticing on his routine. My newborn is spending more time asleep. He cries if he is hungry or his nappy is wet and uncomfortable. We are happy that my wife can breastfed our baby. I heard that some mothers are not. Breastfeeding is really good for baby.

I feel that his remaining umbilical cord is uncomfortable for him. But the doctor says that the stump will fall on its own.

We were enjoying watching his expression while he is asleep. He is smiling, playing with his lips and big eyes. It’s look like he playing with his angel. We also notice that he has a dimple on his face when he smiled. We can’t explain the feeling while watching him. Everyone in my social network (FB) friends wants to see our cute baby. It is overwhelming when they send some messages and comment that we have a handsome and cute baby. Sometime they want more photos since we are working abroad and they can’t see our baby personally. He is the best gift I ever received this coming Christmas. Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift.

Baby is Crying

Why my baby’s is crying? That the first question we always ask. Its make us worry especially when we don’t know why our baby is crying. I enjoying my baby when he is not crying but the moment my baby start crying I always call my wife or his grandma to check why he is crying. Maybe most of father’s do that.

When my baby starts crying, he is starting communicating to us. This is the only way he can communicate to since he can’t talk at this moment. We always check his diaper if it is wet or has it poops. He is not comfortable with this that’s why we need to change it. Another reason is we can check if our baby is hungry. Check the time of the last feeding of your baby. So you know if he is hungry or not. Always monitor your baby’s temperature and consult your doctor if it is on 40degrees Celsius, maybe this is reason for his crying.

It is also possible that you baby wants your attention and he wants you to carry him. His first tooth is coming, or he just wants to hear some music. So you need to sing with your baby. Don’t worry your baby doesn’t know if you sang nicely or not, he just want to hear your voice.The good thing it is another way to bond with our baby.

This is it

This is it! Our baby’s arrival will start a new beginning for me and my wife. Our life will never be the same again. We are now focusing to our baby than ourselves. We enjoying every moment with our little one now. Being a new parent is hard but because of our love to a child this hardship is worthy, knowing that we have a blessed child. We will love him unconditionally.

I pray that I will be a great dad to him.

Baby Zoe Yechekiel

Finally, our baby Zoe Yechekiel arrived this December 3, 2010 at 08:15pm. A healthy baby boy weighing 7lbs. He is greatest gift from God above we ever received. Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing, truly You are awesome God.  

Repair Shop

In the past few weeks I got a trouble finding good auto repair shop in my place. I just found this auto repair shop online, it really helps me a lot. Together with my friend who owns a Ford, we immediately went to check my car with an engine light problem. I usually ignore this but they explain to me that this is also important part of the car. So I decided to let them check and repair so I have a peace in mind while driving with my family. They gave me a good estimate which for me is like a price for a friend. They repair it on time in what they say. They are really trustworthy shop.

Now I find a good quality auto repair shop in San Diego. I have no worries having a car problem nowadays. Knowing that I can really depend on them in times of trouble.

Anawangin and Capones Island

Last December we were to Anawangin for our wedding anniversary celebration of my wife and with her sister as she persuaded my wife to go with us.

We don’t have a car and rent a service with three people is very expensive. So we decided to take bus to go there. We prepare to have this adventure as we are still young. We take Philtranco Bus at Manila around 10:30pm and expecting to arrive at 4am but we been in San Antonio Zambales at 2:30am. We are too early and it is very cold outside since it is a Christmas season. We wait for the market to open and buy something to eat and drink for our trip.

Around 6:00am we finally take a tricycle going to Brgy. Pundaquit and take a boat to Anawangin. It’s 7:00am when we finally came in the mystical cove of Anawangin. We are almost 12 groups of campers when we arrived, some are already there and stay overnight, some are coming as the time goes by. By then, we search for a good place to locate our tent. After setting up tent and all our stuff we don’t waste time and roam around the place.

Around 3pm, we take a short trek and hire some guy to guide us. It cost us 200 pesos for the guide but it’s all worthy as the view from top are very relaxing and has an amazing view down there. It almost 15 minutes trek up to get there on the top.

The place is very amazing. A white beach with a pine trees in the area. Which is unusual in Philippine beaches. Usually Philippine beaches are surrounds by a coconut trees. We really enjoy the place and the clear water. We also noticed that while we are swimming we saw some little fishes around. We try to catch them but it's too hard, they are too quick and we are only using our hands to catch them. We’re like a kid at that time and you can forget all you worries and problems way back in a normal world. LOL

As the night coming, some campers are preparing things for the bonfires. It’s all back to basic, no electricity. Toilet is there but you need to get your own water in what you called Poso in the Philippines. While in the tent you will hear the wind blow it's looks like there is a storm coming.

The next day, we left Anawangin around 9:00 am and head to the nearby Capones Island. It was a 20 minutes boat ride from Anawangin Cove. As we go by the place, the sea wave is getting stronger that makes us scared. We are wearing a life jacket so we’re not panic as we know that we will float if anything will happen(LOL). Thanks God we arrived safe and sound.

Capones Island is rocky place and another breathtaking view especially if you reach the top of the light house. This is really a nice place, a heaven, a paradise or whatever you want to describe it. The natural beauty of the place is great. God’s workmanship is really amazing.

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Our anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

Happy 2nd year Wedding Anniversary Bhe! I Love you!

A Prayer

A Prayer

I was browsing some Christian quotes for me to relax and to be inspired. I just search this quote “God understands our prayers even when we can't find the words to say them”. I was amazed because it is very true. God always know what is the desire of our heart. We just don’t know how and what words to say them. Sometimes we don’t even say to Him everything we need but he gave more than enough in what we need, in His right time and right place. You don’t even notice that He uses other people to bless us.

In my journey in life I still have a lot of trials coming to me. But in prayer I know God understand what we need and what we desire. I always prayed to the Lord and but sometimes I don’t know how to say it. I even shy to tell Him that “I need this Lord”. I always think that I have enough of it. Instead I pray that bless the people around me so I may be blessed too. I know some people that they pray for others than themselves. They pray for their family, friends, neighbors and country but forget to pray for his self.

How about you? Can you pray for others? I hope so…

Singapore Getaway

Last May, we visited Singapore a part of my travel plan with my mom and sister who visited us here in KL. Even though my wife is 3 months pregnant she still insists to come with us. KL to Singapore is only 5 hours drive. We take Star Mart Express Bus which is located near Time Square or Imbi Monorail Station.

It’s 11pm when we depart from the terminal which is the last trip of the day. We arrive around 4am in the morning and met my cousin in terminal in Singapore. She can a little bit late and came in his apartment around 7am. We did not take Hotels as my cousin offer a room to accommodate us. We take a nap before we roam around Singapore.

We take a train going to Vivo mall and take our lunch there. Then we take a monorail from Vivo Mall to Sentosa Island. Sentosa is the place where there are a lot of joy rides, tourist attractions, especially the Merlion statue. We go around the place until 6pm in the evening. After that we get a promo ticket for Universal Studio at every 7pm to 9pm. After that we watch a show in Sentosa which is they called it “Songs of the Sea”. It was a nice show which last at least 20 minutes. After that we ate our dinner and went to Esplanade to take night photography with a long exposure technique, as my wife love to love photography too.

In the next day, we went to Bugis Street to buy some souvenir items. To me Bugis Street is look like Petaling Street in KL, Malaysia. You can buy a lot of stuff over there with a cheap price. We only have till 2pm to have this shopping as we are ticket going to KL is at 3pm. I know that my mom and my sister want to stay 1 or more days but they don’t want to disturb my cousin in her work.

Singapore is a very great place to go which you can relax and fun. Though we didn’t visit some popular places there like Orchard, Singapore zoo, Bird Park and other popular places (as we stay only for two days). We are hoping that we will visit it all in the next time.

First Flower Gift on her Birthday

This my first flower gift to my wife on her birthday.

First Flower Gift
It was a surprise gift. I bought the flowers early in the morning so when she wake up she find it beside her. But not the flowers I gave or the way I make it surprise but the smile in her face makes me so happy and proud the I am her husband.

I love you Bhe.

My Wife’s Pregnancy Check Up

What is the important in accompanying your wife in her pregnancy check-ups?

Well, as a I have my job and it is my first time to be dad it is hard to take time out during working hours to accompany my wife to her routine pregnancy check-ups. But I really try to skip in my work and apply for a leave to accompany her because for me it is very important.

There’s a lot of reason why it is important to accompany her. Like, I heard from my sister that some gynecologist is overly cautious and sometimes discourage your wife. Yes, some of them are like that, they usually warned you for the possible complication even they only concluding it. The result is, your wife may suffer hypertension and became more stressed after each visit. She needs you (dad) to comfort her in these moments. What if you are not there to comfort her?

Also, being present there I can easily clarify things to our doctor. Hearing directly from the doctor is a big difference from hearing it from your wife. I can ask some query if I need to. I can learn and understand things better to the pregnancy that we will going through with my wife. I can be prepared if there’s anything happen. I can remind my wife what the gynae told us if she forget about it. It becomes worse if I had not learnt from the many pregnancy check-ups and add to her worry by being worried to myself.

Accompany her every pregnancy check up makes my wife happy. Whether she admits it or not I’m sure it really means a lot to her. I show to her how much I care and for the development of our baby.

Dad to be, pregnancy check-ups are important and you should be there in the consultation room with your wife for as long as possible. There are a lot of reasons for you to go than not to go with her.

How to Help you Partner

The big day is getting near. How can I help my partner? Well, dads to be you don’t need to worry, just tell your partner that you are always there for her. Show him your full support and let her know that this pregnancy means so much to you as it is to her.

Give her some massage if she feels some back pain. Back pain is very normal during pregnancy. My wife feels back pain every night and every morning she woke up. The doctor says that her growing uterus and hormonal changes causes her back pain. Some massage can help her to overcome it. 

I always accompany her to her check up and attend prenatal check up. She can feel that she and your baby are more important to you. Help her to decorate the nursery and shop together for your upcoming baby needs.

Dads to be, we need to be sensitive to our wife's needs.

Bukit Bintang

One of the best shopping area in KL is the Bukit Bintang. It is Kuala Lumpur most retail belt that surrounds of many shopping malls, night markets bars, cafes or even the hawker-type eateries. I been here a lot of times but I am not aware that this is popular place for the tourist and even for the locals. This place is also known for Bintang walk.

If you love shopping this place is fit for you. My mom and my sister always go in this place to shop. Even there are a lot of people around the place. I can’t say it is cheap to shop but you will enjoy doing it if you are in this place. You can compare this Bukit Bintang in Araneta Center, Cubao in Philippines. People walked and walked all over the place even they’re not going to shop.

Bonding with my Baby

Dads to be, do we need to talk to our baby during our wife's pregnant? Well, yes, we need to talk to our baby even most articles I read are mostly encouraging mothers to talk to their baby. But we, dads to be, we can do the same. We don’t need to wait a longer time or after our baby’s birth. We can develop our bonding moments even before our baby is born. I believe that it all start in our wife’s womb. For dads and moms to be, talking and singing to your baby is a very effective way to have bonding moment to your baby.

In the fourth month of their development, our baby begins to hear a sound. In regular talking and singing to your baby, your voice will easily recognize when your child was born. Your voice will become so familiar to your baby. It can make your baby feel comfortable and secured whenever he hears that voice. 

The study also says that singing to your baby is better than talking while he is still in her mother’s womb. So dads to be, don’t just talk to you baby, sing it with love. Make a bonding moment with your wife and with your coming baby.

Photowalk at Lake Titiwangsa

The first official photo walk of the group KL Pinoy photography buff was held in Lake Titiwangsa. It is a small recreational park and lake around the area. This is also one of the best spot if you want to capture the landscape of Kuala Lumpur with the view of Menara KL, Petronas Twin Tower, and some buildings. The largest portable wheel in the world or so called “Eye of Malaysia” is located in this place before August 31, 2008.

You can take KL Monorail and stop by at Titiwangsa Station and from station take Bus #120 or you can walk about 10 to 15 minutes.

Keeping Memories

When my wife got pregnant we planned that we were going archive our journey as a family. Even the first pregnancy test of my wife is in my file. We took pictures every wonderful thing. She has maternity photos on her 30 weeks of her pregnancy.

Now, we are planning to take pictures and videos of our baby when my first baby arrived. I read some articles that the child grows very quickly. Maybe every day I take a picture of him. These are memories well worth keeping.
Me and my wife during her 27th weeks of pregnancy.

Check out my wife’s Maternity Photos
Maternity Photos

First Time Father

First time to be a father is the most exciting event that happens to me. I know I will experience a lot of unexpected situation during my wife’s pregnancy. It’s better for me to relax and stay calm and always remind myself that this is not forever and it will be over soon. A child is a gift from God so I will love and treasure our baby. But I need to be prepared; I know fatherhood is not easy, it is a life changing experience and sacrifices to be made. Parenting is not only in mother or women’s department. This is my learning journey for my family. It’s a lifelong journey.

There are a lot of things that I experience from my wife during her pregnancy. She is experiencing night sickness and not morning sickness. Food craving in different kinds of food, especially fruits. She always feels hot even I am feeling cold in our air-conditioned room. I saw her physical change from the start of her pregnancy. The constipation that makes us worry, we always think that it will affect our baby in her womb. I hope not.

I need to be supportive to my wife during her pregnancy. I know pregnancy is not easy especially when it’s your first time.

Maternity Portrait

Taken by fellow KL Pinoy Photography Buff friends. This maternity portrait of ours are taken during my celebration of my 28th birthday. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful gift.

This is taken by ETSU!

Pictures taken by Jay.

Thank you guys!

The Pink Ribbon Challenge

pink ribbon

October is breast cancer awareness month. As a health care worker, I see and dealt a lot of patients even friends going through the battle of breast cancer. This month I would like to join the pink ribbon challenge. Just click the pink ribbon to help one woman save life by getting free mammogram. If you may join with me and pass the pink ribbon challenge. These links are ONLY for "Pink Ribbon Challenge" participants, any links not related to the Pink Ribbon Challenge will be deleted. Grab the code at Things We Share and post it in your blog entry. Please post only the Pink Ribbon Challenge actual post link here and help The Breast Cancer Site and National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. by spreading the Pink Ribbon Challenge.


Trying our knowledge in photography. Having no one to shoot but to trust our tripod to this project. After a several clicks and catching the right place for the right framing, finally we have this end product. It has been converted it to high key black and white to add the drama on the picture. Another bonding moment with me and my wife in our journey for being expectant parents.

Swimming Exercise

My wife’s 24th weeks of pregnancy to be exact. Our baby is now well developed at this stage no wonder he is more becoming active inside her mother’s womb. Even though we are well settled at this stage, we still trying to ensure that my wife maintains her healthy lifestyle that she have established, not only for her benefit but especially for our baby.

The picture was taken by me during her weekly swimming exercise down our neighborhood.

A Detailed Scan

20 weeks and 6 days of my baby inside the womb of my wife. Finally, we had a full detailed scan on my baby. For the first time seeing him in full detail, makes me a big smile. As the scan going through, his organs in now complete including his spine. The parts of his face were now almost on its final location. He is now in his normal size even my wife’s bump looks like on her 3rd month. I celebrate when seeing and knowing his gender as I really have a first baby boy, yes it’s a boy.

As we went halfway to the big day, we are enjoying our baby’s presence inside my wife's womb and discovering all the changes on her body is truly amazing. The preparation of his final arrival makes us so excited.

First Time Parents Tips

This are some useful tips for the first time parents.

Avoid changing the carer – Babies usually begin to show signs of close attachment to one special person and this is usually the mother. It’s not a good time for the baby to introduce a new primary carer without sufficient time to get used to the new person.

Keep the home comforts – Take some items from home to help your child feel comfortable while you are away. Things like comforters, toys, pillows and sheets that smell of home can help the child settle into a strange bed faster.

Be a good example – In many ways you should be a good example to your child. For example, when it comes to road safety, always use right pedestrian or overpass when you cross the road. Some adults do not use it even there is one available. Mostly children think that it was right.

Basic First Aid – In the age of seven, your children can attend some basic first aid training that will help them how to react in emergency situations. This is also a big help for them to be more aware of what could happen and avoid potential accident and danger.

Have fun – Try to make family get-together and traditions child-friendly. This is important if you have the first child of the new generation, where occasions may not be geared to youth. Don’t be afraid to change things to help your child have fun.

At home holiday –It’s easy to get bogged down in the responsibility of life, but it’s important to take time out too. Once a month, declare “at home holiday” for your family when you take time out to be together, play board games, go on outings and share activities.

Enhance holiday or traditions – When your family celebrates holiday or special events, allow your traditions to enhance according to your children want. History is important, but if your children are going to enjoy family occasions, it’s important they feel involved. Get their input when planning and try to incorporate their ideas.

Trust your Instinct – When it comes to deciding on appropriate child care, trust both your instincts and your children’s. If you or they feel uneasy about the person or place, spend more time looking around and don’t feel embarrassed about asking a lot of questions.

Talk to other parents – If you’re unsure about the nursery you’ve chosen for your child, ask them to put you in contact with some of the other parents. If they are reluctant to do this, think again about whether you want your child for be cared for there.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is one of the most popular places in Singapore. We did not visit this place last May 2010 because of hectic schedule and my wife is very tired as she is 3 months pregnant in that time. For the second chance, we did visit this place along with my wife’s family. We enjoy the activity there during the night. My cousin told us that this is one of the best places at night. You will notice that a lot of foreigners enjoying the place.

How to get there? From Sentosa Island, we take two trains to get there. Usually Clarke Quay is very accessible in any means of transportation. You can visit here for more info.

Genting Highlands

Do you want to spend some holiday in Malaysia? Well, don’t miss a chance to visit one of the best tourist spot in Malaysia, The Genting Highlands! It’s Malaysia’s City of Entertainment which is located in high mountains. You can do many things like bowling, arcade, archery or have fun with their indoor and outdoor theme park. The hotel doesn’t have air-conditioning as the place was really cold. I can compare it in our place in Baguio, Philippines.

I have been in Genting three times since I am working here in KL and still counting. Because every time I have friend visit us we usually went in that place. It’s around 1 hour from the city centre. It is easy to get there, just go to KL Sentral, take a bus but be sure to book early especially during weekends and holidays. The ticket will cost you about less than 20RM with cable car included (two ways). You can take taxi cab if you miss your slot. It’s around 60RM since the taxi cannot take any passenger going down the place.

We usually most enjoy with the sky cable going up the highland. It’s scary for the first and fun in the same time. You will find trees everywhere during your ride in the sky cable.

Petronas Twin Tower

During college days, I always dream that someday I want to see all the great architecture building in the world, since we are studying architecture. Petronas twin tower is one of them. Now my dream came true. We went here for stop over before taking our vacation in Philippines from India. The company provides us accommodation for that day. We saw the twin tower during the day as we want to see some part of KL too. We been in Menara KL, Petaling Street or they called it China town and the Merdeka Square. We visit it for only 6 hours without thinking that we will transfer here again by the company after we finish our work in India.

But for me, nothing beats the beauty of Petronas twin tower at night. For the second time around, we visit it during the
night time. We spent the whole night there and we didn’t go anywhere. It is a nice sight when you are far, but it was better when you are near the area.

Now, I already visit Petronas twin tower a lot of time. But I am still amaze for this building. It is a man’s work that God gives us talent to do so.

How to get there? We’ll this is very popular place, just take a cab and tell the driver Petronas Twin Tower. LOL

New Google Search Engine

New Google Search Engine

Google search engine updates to get an instant result. This updates feature is to give their user a likely results as soon as they begin typing their query. They instantly predict what searchers are looking for after each letter they will type. This is the challenge from the search alliance of Yahoo and Microsoft.

The new feature was already available to Google users in the US recently and will roll out to users in Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and Britain eventually.

Google instant search offers as the user types in a query will expect to save an average of two to five seconds on every search. So Google predicted that it would save to customers a total of 350 million hours a year.

Valetine in Sungei Congcak

It was a valentine’s date with my fellow Filipinos here in KL. The KL Pinoy plan to visit this place Sungei Congcak Recreational forest as my first joined to this group. It is a very good time with the members of KL Pinoy.

Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest is located in the district of Hulu Langat, Selangor. Since some of our Kabayan’s has a car we don’t need to commute. But you can also take public transportation, from Kuala Lumpur, take a City Liner bus No 572 in front of Metro Jaya to Kajang town. Then, catch a taxi either in front of Billion Shopping Centre or in front of Plaza Metro Kajang to take you to Sungai Congkak recreational Forest. For more info click here.

This place is promising for me and for the people who love photography. We try to find the falls but were not able to reach the end (actually the start of the water stream). He walked very far maybe it’s about an hour but still its look like there’s no end. So we decide to go back to the group.

Kahalagahan Ng Paggawa

Kahalgahan Ng Paggawa
by Eoz

Ano ang kahalagahan ng paggawa?
Saan at kanino ba ito magsisimula?
Ano ang pamantayan ng tamang paggawa?
Tunay ka bang may pagpapahalaga?

Dapat tayo ay masipag
Matiyaga at maagap
Para sa ating mga pangarap
Makuha natin itong ganap

Huwag iasa sa iba ang lahat gawain
Ipinag-uutos ng magulang ay sundin
Bigyan ng pabuya ay huwag hintayin
Maging matapat sa lahat ng gagawin

Paunladin natin ang ating kakayahan
Bawat oras ng paggawa ay pahalagahan
Tapusin ang gawaing nasimulan
Nang maluwag sa ating kalooban

Paggawa ay pahalagahan
Para sa ikauunlad ng kabuhayan
Positibong pananaw sa kinabukasan
Para pangarap ay makamtan

Mga Tula:
Kahalagahan ng Paggawa
Bata sa Basura
Buhay OFW
Iba na Ngayon
Ikatlong Buwan
Aking Ama
Colour Pensil
Isang Taon at Anim na Buwan
Ang Hamon
Daang Matuwid
Para sa Kaibigan
Ako ang Simula

Adobong Manok Recipe 1

How to make Adobong manok?

Adobong manok and so called “chicken adobo” is considered as one of the national dish of Filipinos in the Philippines. They say it is originated with Spanish colonizers. Marinated is the Spanish word for adobo, but Filipinos adapted adobo as an own dish. Adobo is one of the famous Filipino dishes, but there are so many different style of cooking.

1 Whole chicken (cut into parts) or choice cuts of breasts, thighs or wings.
¾ cup white vinegar
¼ cup soy souce
Onion, thinly sliced -- 1/2
1 head garlic (firmly chopped) portioned into two
3 pcs. of laurel (bay leaves) - do not crack the bay leaf
1 cup water
6-8 pcs. of peppercorn
Salt -- 1 teaspoon
3 tablespoons oil

1.In a deep skillet, brown chicken in oil.
2.Add vinegar, soy sauce, first portion of garlic, laurel, peppercorn and water.
3.Bring to a boil, lower the fire and cook uncovered for 10 minutes.
4.When it gets too dry just add 1/2 cup of water.
5.Cover and let simmer until chicken becomes tender.
6.In a deep pan, cook remaining garlic until it becomes soft golden-brown.
7.Add the chicken and cook until lightly crispy and pour the rest of the adobo sauce.
8.Serve hot.


Finally, seeing quality outerwear hitting the fashion floor again is really great. My friend fashionista run out and picked some luxury Kreio outerwear piece that came from Piacenza cashmere. She amazed me seeing all decked out in KREIO fashion last night. Kreio at Neiman’s who chooses her to pick up all she loves with different colors and different styles. She really loved her KREIO TREO! She never forgot to pick up a ski style. In Kreio outerwear she incredibly looked thinner and sexier as she fits it. Amazing! The Kreio brand is unbelievable; all their outerwear is like a second skin or a woman blazer! Most of the sweaters are insulated too with Thermore! Kreio is very elegant and the cashmere collection for Kreio is more better that the other. The quality of Kreio is the best ever. The Kreio outer fit is the best thing to have it. You will never feel like Michelin man walking down the street anymore. I was little jealous when she was decked out in Kreio style last night in the city. I went to Neiman’s and picked out a Kreio outer piece then!!!

Visit their website at

Bata sa Basura

Balitang balita ang isang malagim na sinapit ng isang sanggol na tinapon sa basurahan sa toilet ng isang Eroplano. Marami ang nagalit, marami ang nagtaka, merondin namang humanga. Ngunit hindi natin dapat husgahan ang babaeng gumawa ng isang bagay na hindi kaya gawin ng isang ina. Maaring meron siyang mabigat na dahilan. Subalit bilang isang tao hindi natin dapat gawin hayop ang naging bunga ng isang insidente. Kung meron lang sana tayong isang magandang gobyerno, hindi na kailangan gawin ng isang ina ang isang hindi katanggap tangap ng pangyayari. Isang gobyerno na pwede mo lapitan sa mga sitwasyon na kailangan mo sila. Ngunit minsan ayaw mo lang lumapit dahil baka ma-disappoint ka lang o maaaring wala din silang magagawa.

Bata sa Basura
by Eoz

Nasan ako aking ina?
Ako’y lumabas ng hindi ka nadama
Nakahiga sa mga basura
Na dapat sa bisig mo, ina.

Tao po ako
Bakit ako ay iyong itinago?
Sa isang basurang mabaho
Nasan ang iyong puso?

Dapat bang itong gawin?
At ito ay aking makamtin
Ano kaya ang kinabukasan?
Na walang inang mahahagkan.

Nais ko lamang ina
Iyong malaman tuwina
Mahal kita kahit na…
Itinapon mo akong parang basura.

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Daang Matuwid
Para sa Kaibigan
Ako ang Simula



Parents should be careful to buy a best school backpacks for their kids as possible. Most students have to carry their books, notebooks and other additional stuff from home to school and vice versa. The combination of ergonomic design and fashionable features that appeal to their kids are needed to consider. The defective usage of backpack may cause a posture problems to back, neck and shoulder that are associated with weight. They are often worn only on one shoulder causing an imbalance of the weight and a higher stress on a single body part. If the student wears both straps and belts then, the comfort and the posture are assured.

You can recognize the best school backpacks either by looking for online reviews or by making some simple basic checks yourself. Thus, make sure that the straps are padded and wide so as not to dig in the child's shoulders. The best school backpacks should be always placed in the middle of the back and tight enough so as to be kept in place well. The free arm movement is also very important meaning that the student should be able to have access to the backpack easily and comfortably.

It's no use being keen on the best school backpacks if you're child doesn't know how to pack things in the first place. Thus, you need to teach him / her to remove unnecessary things and only carry the minimum necessary for the day. Moreover, the use of the compartments when repacking instead of just dumping the items inside is also important since a good shape of the backpack doesn't affect the balance and the body posture. Maybe you're child will not follow such advice all the time, but if random packing happens only now and then, you should still be content with the situation.

The best school backpacks also include belts to be fastened around the hips and the chest for a correct and safe weight distribution. The presence of additional items such as reflective patches on the backpacks could also be useful particularly if your child rides a bike or walks a lot early in the morning or at dusk. And last but not least, rolling backpacks could also represent an ideal solution to replace the traditional weight carried on the shoulders. Even so, consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a wheeled backpack since the circumstances may not be appropriate for it.


School backpacks have become a real problem ever since the excessive weight and pressure put on the student's spine have led to a whole range of ailments. Besides back pain, there are reports of muscle spasms, neck and shoulder pain and in the majority of cases a poor or incorrect posture. Therefore, the selection criteria for the choice of school backpacks should be a little harsher and definitely more demanding. Parents do not neglect what too much weight could do to your child's back! Other problems appear because youngsters, for instance, simply throw the school backpacks on one shoulder neglecting the weight, just because it looks cool!

Manufacturers in the branch have taken measures to adapt to the new standards and the result is obvious in radically improved school backpacks that are designed to be both ergonomic and meet the students' fashion trend expectations. Moreover, school backpacks are now adaptable so as to make it possible for one to carry other things besides the heavy schoolbooks. Band instruments, laptops, MP3 players and personal digital assistants have their special compartments inside the backpacks. From this point of view we could easily say that school backpacks have kept the pace with the most recent developments of our society.

School backpacks have a weight rating indicated on the label; always check it in order to make sure that the child will not stop forward trying to cope with the extra weight. Should the school backpacks hang too low on the waist, the pressure is increased on the shoulders, once again making the child lean forward. A constant weight carried on the back will eventually lead to the appearance of problems in the posture: the students will no longer have an upright posture even when without the school backpacks. Also check to see the number of compartments inside, since the better a content position, the more comfortable it will be for the child to carry it.

The best school backpacks are the ones with adjustable shoulder straps. Actually there are some features all straps should have in order to ensure an optimal body position. Thus, buy school backpacks that have wide padded straps that will not give the cutting sensation in the child's shoulders. Talk to the child and make him / her understand that it is highly important to wear the backpack on both shoulders and not just on one. This may be difficult with teenagers, but if you buy them some fashionable school backpacks, chances are higher that they will wear them correctly.


Laptop backpacks represent the very casual way of carrying the laptop or any other similar parts of equipment without too much trouble at all. Generally speaking, laptop backpacks are designed so as to provide plenty of room to suit one's needs with the mention that each model has a number of variable features. Straps are generally adjustable and there is limited or no bouncing at all when you carry the laptop on the back. Moreover, some laptop backpacks also include a special sleeve for extra protection and security, allowing you to transport your gear in the perfect conditions while still keeping your hands free.

When looking for laptop backpacks it is a good recommendation to go for those made from lightweight neoprene with breathable features since you'll feel for yourself how great this can be on very hot days or when you can't afford to carry any extra weight. Moreover, the slimmer the laptop backpacks the better adjustable to the body they will be. Most models include protection and room for laptops of up to seventeen inches in diagonal, while also providing some compartments for the storage of some books or folders. Depending on your necessities, you should check the compartments inside and decide which works best for you.

Then, another essential feature for laptop backpacks is waterproof: a must-have condition for a protective gear that needs not only to keep the equipment safe but also to prevent the impact of exterior factors on it. The neoprene variety mentioned before is the most common type of material used for the waterproof manufacturing of some laptop backpacks. The material should also be washable and stain proof as well so that the good look may be preserved for a longer period of time. The popularity of the laptop backpacks is increasing every day, since they make such a comfortable alternative to regular laptop bags for instance.

Large laptop backpacks work well for students who need room not only for their notebook but for all the additional paper-backed materials that they have to carry around with them on campus for instance. Moreover, it is not uncommon to see people climbing mountains or traveling from continent to continent relying on laptop backpacks. Stylish yet formal looking laptop backpacks also work great for business purposes. The idea is that you should buy an item that fits both your necessities and the design expectations. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase a brand name that shows quite a bit of knowledge about computers and laptops in general and that is committed to the client's needs.


Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

Beans and Peas absorb water when being cooked.

Always remember that beans and peas absorb water when being cooked. On average, it will take the one cup of beans or peas into two to three cups when cooked.

Pasta absorbs water.

As beans and peas, pasta also absorbs water when being cooked. It also take the one cup of pasta into two to three cups when cooked.

How to make a perfect slice?

Study shows that using a wet knife will help to get a perfect slice when slicing cake or a boiled egg. So try to practice to use a wet knife before slicing.


Microwaves are a good way of heating foods but not for cooking.

Roast Meat.

After a roast meat is cooked do not serve and carved it right away. Let the roast meat stay in few minutes to allow them to absorb fluids and become juicy.

Affect of metal in vegetables.

The taste of vegetables may affect by using of metal. That is the reason why lettuce should shred by hand and not by knife. The vegetables using a metal knife should be limited to when there is no other way. So never use a metal bowl for salads because of the affects of the metal on vegetables.

Keeping vegetable's fresh.

In keeping vegetables fresh for as long as possible, it is important that they are dry before putting in refrigerator. Washing them once taken out of the fridge and not before putting them will help to avoid spoiling them in short period.

Frying Tips

Frying Tips

Oil and water should not mix when frying.
Oil and water should not mix when frying. If you do spilling water into an oil pan, it will cause an explosion.

Fry only Dry Foods.
Making sure that the food you are going to fry is dry. If you are trying frying moist meat, you can coat them with flour or bread crumbs.

Oil is hot enough.
The oil is hot enough before putting food in the pan. If the oil is not enough, the oil will be absorbed in the food.

Oils need different temperature.
Different oils need different temperatures. Olive oils should burns on low temperature or around 50 degrees C. Canola oils burns on high temperature. Mixing olive oil with butter or other oils may raise its burning temperature. Burnt oil is a cause for cancer. So try not to burn your oil while frying.
The best frying temperature for frying is about 180 degrees C.

Oil Re-using.
If you plan on using the same oil twice, filter it before doing so. Make sure there are no chunks of food floating in your oil from the last time you used it. Do not use the same oil more than 4 to 5 times.

Fry food one at a time.
Insert food to the frying pan slow, one at a time. Every time you insert something into your boiling oil the temperature in the pan reduces. That is why I recommend frying in small batches or inserting the food one at a time.

Amount of Oil
Use the minimum amount of oil, which is 10cm in deep frying. Do not use to much oil.

Frying Fish
Fish should be coated before deep frying them. Otherwise, the delicate flesh of the fish will burn. You can coat the fish with breadcrumbs, batter, ground almonds and many more as you can think of…

Deep-Frying Tips:
1. The oil must reach a good temperature to brown the exterior of
the food quickly while cooking it. That temperature is almost always between 350F and 375F degrees. To be sure the oil is right use a frying thermometer.
 2. Use canola oil for frying. It is low in saturated fat, has a
high burning point, and does not detract from the flavor of
the food you are frying.
 3. Avoid crowding food that is deep-fat-fried. The food must be
surrounded by bubbling oil, and you must keep the temperature
from falling too much. If you add too much food to a small
amount of oil, the temperature will plummet, and the food will wind up greasy and soggy.
4. Never fill the pot more than halfway with oil; this will
prevent bubbling over when the food is added.
5. Dry food well with paper towels before adding to the pot;
it helps reduce splattering.

The Five Cycle of Sleep

The Five Cycle of Sleep

Cycle 1
Your brain and muscle activity will slow down. Drowsiness sets in.

Cycle 2
Your body will enter into a light sleep and the eye movements stop and your breathing slows. Body temperature is also drops.

Cycle 3
Your body will enter into a deep sleep and the brain waves are extremely slow and the pressure falls.

Cycle 4
This is the stage that deepest sleep are occurs. Rhythmic breathing and limited muscle activity are there. Some person are difficult to awaken at this stage.

Cycle 5
This is the stage of Rapid Eye Movement (REM). During this stage muscles relax, heart rate will rise. There are also intense brain activities and some dreaming occurs.

Paano Gumawa ng Tula

Paano Gumawa ng Tula?

Para sa iba ang paggawa ng tula ay mahirap at sa iba naman ay madali. Ang halimbawa na lamang nito ay hindi lahat ng manunulat ay nakakagawa ng tula. Ang ibang makata naman ay hindi rin nakakasulat ng kwento o nobela.

Para naman sa akin ang paggawa ng tula ay base sa nararamdaman at naiisip ng isang tao, dito inilalabas ng isang manunulat ang kanyang saloobin at nararamdaman. May mga tula na ang gumawa lamang ang nakakaintindi ng ibig sabihin ng kanyang isinulat. May mga iba din na hindi maintindihan ang kanyang sariling tula. Ang iba naman ay nakagisnang talino ang paggawa ng tula. Meron namang hindi nag-aral o hindi nagbabasa pero nakakasulat ng isang magandang tula. Ang iba naman ay kailangan ng inspirasyon bago makalikha ng isang tula. Halimbawa na lamang kung ang isang lalaki ay may nililigawan. Kasama sa pagpapaporma eh gagawa sya ng tula para sa babae. May mga tao naman na sa sobrang kalungkutan ay nakakagawa din sila ng magandang tula. Dito nila inilalabas ang galit at paninibugho nila. May iba’t ibang paraan kung saan sila nakakahugot ng kanilang isusulat, tulag ng pagkakaiba ng ating pag-iisip, pagkatao, panlasa, pang-amoy at pandama.

Alam nyo ba na may bahagi din ang tula? Ayon sa aking pagsasaliksik ang tula ay meron din mga bahagi. Ito ay ang tema, pamagat, estilo, simula, simbolo, katawan at wakas.

Paano Gumawa ng Tula
12 taludtod

Paano nga ba ginagawa ang tula?
Ilang bang taludtod at saknong kaya?
Para makagawa ng magandang tula,
Tanong ko sa aking sarili nung una.

Mahalaga pa ba ang pormal na tula?
Gayong isip at puso ang nagdidikta
Sa mga salita na nais ng may akda
Para sa bawat taong minamahal nya

Nais ko’y isang malayang manunulat
Sa bawat letra na aking sinusulat
Saloobin ng puso ay masiwalat
Para na din sa kababayan kong salat

Ngayon bayan ko ang aking inspirasyon
Sa paggawa ng tula na aking layon
Sa bawat bahagi ng aming kuwesyon
Nawa sa bawat tula ay may tutugon.

Buhay OFW

Isang likha para sa mga kapwa ko OFW. Pasasalamat sa aking ama, kapatid at kaibigang nagtitiis sa ibayong dagat upang may pantustos sa pangangailangan ng pamilya.

Buhay OFW
by eoz
10 pantig bawat taludtod

Bagong bayani ng ating bansa
Iyan ang sinasabi ng madla
Madami sa'tin ang umaaasa
Padala para sa'yong pamilya

Madali makipagsapalaran
Ang komunikasyon daw ay nandyan
Ngunit pa'no ang walang kaalaman
O bulsa ay laging walang laman

Sakripisyo ng bagong bayani
Dapat natin 'tong ipagmalaki
Para sa pamilya't bayang lipi
Para sa bukas nating mabuti

Iniisip palagi ang pamilya
Panibagong buhay ay kinaya
Salamat sa Diyos na lumikha
Sa Iyo lamang kami aasa.

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Para sa Kaibigan
Ako ang Simula

Everything Skit

This skit presentation is played during our church 7th anniversary at GCC Dubai. Watch and be blessed.
by Lifehouse
Find me here, speak to me
I want to feel you, I need to hear you
You are the light that's leading me to the place
Where I find peace again

You are the strength that keeps me walking
You are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose
You're everything

And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this

You calm the storms and you give me rest
You hold me in your hands
You won't let me fall
You still my heart, and you take my breath away
Would you take me in take me deeper now

And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this

And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this

Cause you're all I want,
You're all I need
You're everything.. everything
You're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything.. everything
You're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything.. everything

You're all I want
You're all I need
Everything.. everything

And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this
And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better any better than this
And how can I stand here with you

And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight
2 Corinthians 5:7

God is faithful to His promise despite we are going to wait too long to answer our prayer. But we need to believe the Lord, and He counted it to him as righteousness.

We walk by faith and not by sight as a Christian. This is the steps to Salvation, to walk in faith in Christ, even we have not seen Him with our own eyes, nor heard of Him personally. What we heard is through preaching by pastors and reading of the Bible. Faith is important in believing in Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord. Faith is believing in life that we cannot see, but what we are hope for.

Walk by faith means walk in life with Jesus. It is the route chosen as a sphere of action on one's life. We focus to eternity rather than our life here in earth. We supposed to love God and to love his fellowmen. To love his neighbor is to respect and honour them, inspite of race, colour and religion.

Walking by faith with Jesus Christ is to follow God’s will. All roads may lead us to place, but the road to heaven is only one way through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.


Sa aming pakikipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa, wala na kaming ginawa kundi maghanap ng mga pwedeng mapanood o makapakinig ng mga free online. Libre lang hinahanap namin, hindi na rin kami gumagastos para dun. Wala kasi kaming TFC dito. Sa kagustuhan din namin hindi mahuli sa mga balita sa ating bansa o maging sa ibang parte na rin ng mundo. Sa bahay at kahit sa opisina madalas kaming nakikinig o nanonood, lalo na kapag may mga espesyal na araw. Katulad na lamang ng Halalan 2010 at noong iprinoklama si P-Noy at V-Nay. Isang itong makasaysayan sa ating mga Filipino at bansang Pilipinas kaya naman hindi namin ito pinalamapas.

(paano kaya kung mag online din ang mga unggoy)

Madami na nagagawa ngayon ang internet, kahit nga NBA2010 Finals nakakanood kami mula sa free online streaming. Minsan nga nakakabilib ang mga lumalabas na bagong imbensyon. Kahit cellphone madami na rin nagagawa at napakabilis nilang maglabas ng mga bagong model. Naalala ko pa taong 2004, Nokia 5110 ko ilang buwan lang nalaos na at mabilis magmura. Minsan nga kapag may gusto kang bilin hintayin mo na lang mag mura dahil mabilis naman magbago ang presyo nun. Kung yun dati call and text lang ang nagagawa ng cellphone talagang boses lang maririnig mo. Ngayon pwede mo na makita yung kausap mo o kaya naman pwede na ding mag internet sa mobile mo. Galing noh?

Meron din tayong mga official website ng mga government bodies natin. Kung walang time at may gusto kang malaman, pwede ka na makapagcheck online. May mga impormasyon ka nang makikita na sagot sa iyong mga katanungan. Kung hindi naman eh may mga impormasyon naman sila kung paano mo sila makokontak o mapupuntahan.

Share ko lang yung mga online na pinupuntahan ko para makapanood at makapakinig ng libre. Pati na rin mga website na makakatulong sa ating mga ofw. Sana kahit papaano eh makatulong lalo na sa mga kapwa ko bayani, hehe. Para sa mga kapuso at kapamilya.

Official Website:

Philippine Government Website:

Free Download Movies:

Lutong Pinas

Lutong Pinas

Dumarating ang araw na talagang nami-miss ko yung luto ng aking ina at pati na rin ng mga kapatid ko. Mahirap din makuha yung lasa ng kanilang niluluto dahil na rin siguro sa iba ang lasa ng karne dito at sa pinas. Hindi ko nga maintindihan kung bakit, siguro dahil yung baboy dito ay parang lasang baka at hirap palambutin. Kaya naman kapag nagbabakasyon kami mag-asawa, una namin pinapaluto eh adobong baboy, sinigang na baboy, inihaw na baboy at iba pang luto sa baboy. Minsan nga din noong nagbakasyon yung kapatid ko galing Qatar, ako lang nag sundo sa kanya sa airport, pinagdala pa nya ako ng lechon baboy (bili ko sa lydias lechon) para pagdating daw nya kakainin daw nya sa parking ng NAIA, hindi nga makapag hintay eh.

Kaya nga pwede mong tawaging lutong pinoy pero hindi lutong pinas. Para sa akin talagang iba ang lasa kapag sa produktong pinas yung mga sangkap. Akala ko din pag imported na toyo ang binili mo mas masarap, pero pag nagluto na kami ng adobo eh mauubos na yung laman hindi mo pa din makuha yung lasa na gusto mo.

Ang mga pinoy din ay likas na mahilig sa kanin. Sa atin lang yata yung Mc Do na may kanin. Sa mga bansa na napuntahan ko hindi talaga sila nagse-serve ng kanin. Minsan nga pati KFC wala din, pero dito naman meron kaya lang wala namang gravy, ketchup lang. Nakakainis nga eh, yun pa naman masarap sa KFC, gravy pa lang ulam na. Pero sa lahat ng napuntahan namin, sa India lang kami nahirapan maghanap ng makakainan. Parang lahat ng kakainan namin eh may kakaibang lasa. Kaya noong nandun kami ng limang buwan pinilit namin mag-asawa minsan lang kumain sa labas. Kung kakain naman kami panigurado hindi sa Indian resto kundi sa Chinese resto kami, hindi talaga namin carry yung curry nila. Kaya din lagi kaming nagluluto kasama na baon namin kinabukasan. Kaya medyo nakaipon kami nun, hehe.

Ang iba’t ibang bansa ay meron ding sariling specialty sa pagkain. Maganda din yung nakaka-discover ka ng iba-ibang luto. Syempre para sa ibang lahi yung pagkain natin para sa iba masarap pero sa iba naman ay hindi. Tulad ng lang ng kasama kong thailander dati, kapag may handaan sa accomodation syempre yayain mo sila. Itong medyo kabiruan namin nagtanong na bakit daw ang pagkain namin ay parang wala lang. Palibhasa kasi sila kapag kumakain laging may madaming chili o sili, kulang na nga lang gawin nilang kanin yun sa dami. Kaya naman parang wala lang sa kanila yung pagkain natin.

Ang kuhang larawan ay isa sa mga bonding moments namin mag asawa. Nagluluto kami ng sabay habang nagkukulitan. Naisip lang namin na gayahin yung kinakain namin dito sa KL. Yellow Mee daw tawag dyan sa unang larawan. Ito yung kinakain namin kapag magdagdag oras kami (OT). Yung pangalawa naman ay "seafood – vegetable mix". Hindi kami sigurado basta minsan may nakain kaming ganyan. Ang importante ay nag enjoy kami sa pagluluto magkasama. Tingin nyo ano ang niluto ko dyan. 1 o 2?

Ate I

Kung ang ating ama ay haligi ng tahanan at ang ating ina ang ilaw ng tahanan, ikaw naman ang panganay ng tahanan, hindi naman ako pwede kasi bunso ako di ba. Namiss ko noong isinasama mo ako sa office nyo para meron kang body guard, akala ko nanay lang mahilig magsama ng bata sa office pati pala ate. Pero alam mo ba na high school na ako nun maliit lang ako pero ayus lang lagi naman akong may pamasko sa ka-officemate mo o minsan sa amo mo pa, unting pacute lang ayos na. Ngayon nagtayo ka na ng sarili mong opisina sa bahay hindi natuloy ako nakakapunta. Naalala mo ba noon ako yung taga bili mo ng napkin, modess with wings pa. Nahiya nga ako nun kasi akala nila ako yung gumagamit, "manang lalaki po ako".

Pati sa paborito mong koponan na Ginebra, dahil ikaw panganay lahat kami dapat Ginebra din, takot kasi kami sa kurot mo. Pati nga sa grocery ayaw mo bumili ng Alaska at Purefoods dahil asar ka sa kanila, pinili mo pa ang Ginebra yan tuloy laging lasing sila kuya. Tapos ikaw laging may hawak ng remote, ginawa mo ngang laruan eh palipat lipat ka ng channel, siguro bumibilib ka sa nag imbento nun. Nahilo na nga kami sayo, kaya nagtoto-its na lang kami nila kuya. Paborito mo din nga pala si Sharon Cuneta, nagagalit ka pag sinasabi naming sharon cubeta, muntik mo na nga maging kamukha sa sobrang paghanga mo sa kanya. Pati nga boses muntik na, pero sori te, malayo talaga eh. Minsan nga din kakanood mo ng show nya, bigla na lang may humablot ng cellphone mo, biruin mo ba naman sa loob ng bahay na-iisnatchan ka pa. Hi-tech na din snatcher sa atin, pumapasok na sa bahay. Tapos pinahabol mo sa akin di mo alam eh takot ako sa aso, dami kasing aso sa labas di ko na nahabol.

Ikaw na din pala tumulong sa pagpagawa ng bahay, nakita mo siguro na lumaki at tumataba na tayo pero syempre ikaw pinakamataba sa amin. Buti na lang malayo ako kundi may kurot nanaman ako. Parehas din pala tayong pinanganak ng year of the dog, takot ka rin ba sa aso? Sabi mo magkasing bait tayo kasi pareho tayong year of the dog, sori! hindi siguro, mas mabait ako at matigas ulo mo, hehehe. Di bale bawi ka nalang pag nandyan na ako.

Noong college ako buo pa rin ang iyong suporta, salamat te. Yung hindi kayang ibili ni mama at dad ikaw ang nagbibigay. Lalabahan ko lang naman ang damit mo, o kaya lilinisin ko kotse mo, o yung condo dati meron na akong pang tuition next sem. Pati nga drafting board at gamit ko sa pagguhit ikaw na din ang bumili, gamit ang credit card mo na para bang walang limit kapag ginamit natin, yan tuloy laging tumatawag ang Citibank sa bahay para maningil. Pero ok lang magaling ka naman magtago nun. Hinatid mo pa ako ng school para sa thesis ko at sumama sa deliberation room kahit bawal, para siguro kapag mahirap ang tanong ikaw ang sasagot (joke lang). Nakita mo akong nahihirap sa pagpaliwanag ng thesis ko, napailing ka pagkatapos at nasabi mo na lang na “buti cute ka kaya ka nakapasa” hehehe kapatid nga kita. Hindi nyo kasi alam na accounting talaga gusto ko tulad nyo ni ate lyn, si mama kasi ayaw nya akong maging madaya tulad nyo. Ok lang parehas naman letter A ang accounting at architecture, alam ko naman masaya din kayo ng grumaduate ako at nakapasa sa board. Salamat pala sa handa.

Ikaw din naghahatid sa amin mag-asawa pagpaalis papuntang ibang bansa. “Ingat kayo” yan na lang iyong nasasabi, sabay bulong na “malapit na b-day ng anak ko” “inaanak mo yan”. Magaling ka din palang magparinig, kala ko hindi ka nagmana sa akin.

Eh pano yan sabi mo malapit na b-day ng anak mo, di mo sinabi na malapit n bday mo, kaya anak mo na lang may gift ha? At dahil b-day mo, ikaw na yung pinakamabait sa amin. Kamukha mo na din si sharon at kaboses pa.

Happy Birthday Te, alam ko naman na nagampanan mo ang iyong pagiging panganay sa ating walong magkakapatid. Mahal ka namin kahit matigas ulo mo, dito lang kami palagi sa likod mo.


Ate I
Ni Eoz

Panganay ka sa aming walo
Ginampanan nga ito ng husto
Dahil sa pagmamahal mo
Ito ay tatanim sa aming puso